This morning, I woke up at an ungodly hour and drove to Irvine to take my sister Katelyn’s early morning class at Yoga Shakti.
As much as I like to swim early and do yoga later in the day, I found I really enjoyed a morning yoga class. After class, I was pleasantly surprised at how energized I was, and have been the remainder of today. Sarah Hugo, Economic Analyst – Galle retreat - August, 2013 I wanted to write and thank you for the yoga course. Emma Haire, Guruve Ltd – Goa Teacher Training - January, 2012 I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent teaching on your yoga teacher training course. Shamita Ray, choreographer – London Teacher Training - September, 2011 I gained so much from the 500 hour training with Lara.
Google doodle celebrated the 97th birth anniversary of BKS Iyengar, the man who has been credited with developing a new form of yoga. A Muslim Woman Has Now Moved Supreme Court Seeking End To Triple Talaq But Will She Succeed? Even if we were not related, I would still try to attend as many of her classes as I could.
If you’ve never tried an early morning yoga class, I highly recommend giving the experience a chance. Doherty, Sattwa Cafe – QY Book review - July, 2013 Your words in your book speak to me as if I said them,coming from experience, coming from your heart.
Although I found it challenging at the time, I look back and really appreciate how exact and precise your instructions were, particularly the adjustments. Even though I was already a qualified teacher, it was an amazing experience to take ‘time out’ to learn new skills and develop my practice. Unfortunately, I live super far away, but since I needed to be in Irvine this afternoon anyways, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to finally get to one of her new 6-7:30am Level 1-2 classes offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Irvine. The room was unusually warm when we started to help us loosen up after being still all night (hopefully).

I taught two Iyengar teachers yesterday and they both said it was excellent, and I think a large part is thanks to you. The asana classes were inventive and inspiring, and the lectures on history and philosophy of yoga were particularly fascinating. Although I could probably have fallen asleep during the opening pose (child’s pose), I resigned to moving into table top and eventually down dog. It instils real confidence and trust – which allowed me to really push myself and aim higher. I too am a yoga instructor, my primary inspiration is Krishnamacharya through Mark Whitwell. I looked through others’ yoga videos on youtube last weekend and could not find anything I wanted to practise more than your intelligent, imaginative and intuitive sequences.
A real treat was having so many guest teachers and speakers – such as Matthew Clark who taught us Sanskrit, Edward Clark from Tripsichore, and Patrick Shlash who enlightened us on I Ching. Early years  Born to a poor Sri Vaishnava Iyengar family, BKS Iyengar was the 11th of 13 children born to a school teacher, Sri Krishnamachar, and mother Sheshamma. Your knowledge of the history and the scriptures totally contextualises the practice, brings a clarity to the path that we are trying to work towards and inspires. In fact, if there was another course starting next week I’d be straight on the plane and get twice as much out of it second time round!
Iyengar’s home village Bellur, Karnataka was in the grip of an influenza epidemic at the time of his birth, which left him sickly throughout his childhood.
I realized how much the lights in Studio A resemble the sunrise, and soon enough I felt like my normal yoga self and was sweating bullets (my default in even slightly heated yoga). I enjoyed the sequences Katelyn took us in, and the music complimented the practice beautifully. While my postures were suited to the participants of a general class, of course they followed on the same lines as yours, thanks to ayurveda.
When he was five-years-old, the family moved to Bangalore and within four years, his father died due to appendicitis.

So at 7am there is the option to take shavasana and end class, for those who need to be at work early. We did a few more things, including my favorite inversion, shoulder stand, and then shavasana for those who stayed until 7:30.
International recognition Iyengar became friends with the violinist Yehudi Menuhin who turned Iyengar from an Indian yoga guru to an international guru. Iyengar made his first visit to the United States in 1956, when he taught in Ann Arbor, Michigan and gave several lectures and demonstrations. Family Iyengar tied the knot with Ramamani, who was introduced to him by his brothers; the couple was blessed with five daughters and one son.
Iyengar’s wife died at the age of 46, after which he named his yoga institute ‘The Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute’. Today, Iyengar’s eldest daughter Geeta and his son Prashant have become internationally-known teachers in their own right. Philanthropist work BKS supported nature conservation and donated Rs 2 million to the Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore; it is believed to be the largest donation by an individual to any zoo in India.
He built a hospital, India’s first temple dedicated to Sage Patanjali, as well as a free school that supplies uniforms, books, and hot lunches to the children of Bellur and surrounding villages. Approach to Yoga BKS would give demonstrations to students and would also mention the inspirations from Hindu deities, such as Yoga Narasimha, and stories of yogis using trees to support their asanas. Iyengar said in interviews that at the age of 90, he continued to practice asanas for 3 hours and pranayamas for an hour daily. Besides this, he mentioned that he found himself performing non-deliberate pranayamas at other times.

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