Adriene Mishler, of Yoga with Adriene, is heading to the Long Center this Sunday to teach some early morning Yoga and the art of waking up on our City Terrace. Lately I have noticed when I open myself up to a new experience in the morning- like a new set of paints, or shoes, or a fresh notebook (insert your vice here) I begin to discover I do look good with a hint of morning person in me.
In my Yoga practice I see results in my body, my skin, my digestion, in my patience with others, in my love for myself. I take the challenge.  As a student of yoga, as a teacher but also as a damn cool Austinite who loves the creative nightlife, to get up early and have a process.
When we get up early and pretend to be a morning person we invite time for ourselves into our life in a new way. Adriene leads a Yoga sequence For Lower Back Pain – offering you the tools to assist in healing and preventive care.
Indeed good post, yoga is not only helpful for lower back pain but also for general health, But it’s hard to start doing it , i cant get myself to it. Just what I need at the end of this day working at my computer… Can’t wait to get to my mat! I don’t feel comfortable in a class setting, so when I saw your video I thought I would try it. I teach classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Salvage Vanguard Theater and monthly classes at the Blanton Museum. Yoga For Beginners – A Little Goes a Long WayA sequence of things you can do each day - a little goes a long way. Yoga ToneThis 20 minute vinyasa practice is designed to help you build strength and endurance - mindfully.
The Find What Feels Good Roadshow strikes again and this time we are throwing a party in a space big enough to host us all! Here we tackle: Yoga pants, Yoga Anatomy and even a little Natural Remedy for the summer skeeters.
I really like the flow videos but I have a bad right knee that howls at me when I try to do the runners lunges. As a child I would lie in bed and sing every song known to man with my mother and when I exhausted those songs I would then create my own, mix matching fresh words to the tunes passed down. And sometimes you without a doubt say, “REST sweet child, rest or that margarita will come back to haunt you something real fierce.” But the power of the mind or the manas as we call it in the ancient, beautiful (and strange) Sanskrit language – is really where the bacon is at. I see my energy is up more often and my desire to serve others right now is flowing over the cup.

Practice this sequence regularly and stay tuned for more sequences for the lower back and happy spine.
THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR IS SO AWESOME, I’M KEEN TO DO THIS ON A REGULAR BASIS TO FINALLY HAVE A FLEXIBLE BACK AGAIN. Sometimes you just want to ask someone where they got their yoga pants and how much did they cost, right?
I’m 17 this year and im somehow new with your channel but i feel very comfortable after practising the yoga series with you!! I have tried to adjust my stance, bending the knee less, bending the knee more, no avail. I am coming back to the mat after many years and I am quite frustrated that I have to stop and wait for the next asana so I don’t end up in constant pain after coming off the mat.
I originally thought that your practice moved too slow for me (I started yoga-ing a couple times a day beginning in 2012 after I got a nasty stress fracture in my tibia and so I was trying to do a fast-paced hard-core super duper power exercise to replace my 60 miles a week–ha!), but I came back to your channel one day when I began adjunct teaching and was so tired and time constrained that I felt starved of exercise. But all of this comes not from the yoga poses themselves but the awareness that is tapped, created, earned, garnered through the PROCESS. We can improve the quality of our lives this way and even the way we eat is affected by getting up earlier in the day.
I am usually a big fan of the holistic approach, and this looks like it is going to be right up my alley.
I have got a crunchy back and your video for lower back pain is just wonderful and has significantly eased the stiffness and pain. I am small framed, and have always been athletic, so its been really hard to accept this pain. I’m a professional actress in film, commercial and theatre and I teach performance, movement and yoga for all ages.
It will get you on your mat and into your body while also preparing you for public classes and local yoga opportunities. Whether you are tending to issues with the feet or you are working for preventative care - take half an hour to tend to it. Also, perhaps you are not in public classes and you are practicing yoga from home (with Yoga With Adriene -duh) and you need further explanation on what she means by tuck your pelvis or brighten your feet. That sort of defeats the flow, if you know what I mean…Your help would be appreciated. My Dad even wrote me these amazing stories- in which as I write this I make a mental note to go back and find.

Our first thoughts in the morning should be considered as important as breakfast tacos Austin. I find I am more inspired, more proactive, and more productive in addition to having time for me and the chance for a better nights rest, better sleep. Soundtrack Series will speak the Language of Music on the weekends of June 7 and July 5 at the Long Center Soundtracks of our Lives – Soundtrack Series July 5-6 Take Center Stage with Ballet Austin All Summer LONG! I know some people who that think they are too tight for yoga to help, or that it might hurt. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone the body or create more flexibility this series (most importantly) will help you to FIND WHAT FEELS good. I quickly came to love all your videos and I even continue with my own thing when your videos end… I just keep going, making up whatever I want.
Once we had devoured all stories in reach I would ask my Dad to make up stories, to tell another and another. They just need to try it regularly and at their own pace and they would feel the difference! The topic of said stories often surrounded one of my loves, a large stuffed dog-bear by the name of Dobie Doo.
Even if your new sweet beautiful baby that is Gods gift to mankind has kept you up all night. Huckleberry, my dog, always comes and lies by my yoga mat (or on it) while I am listening to you so I think that’s a good sign too.
Countless late night hours with my Mom and friends at the Theatre or at Home, almost always creative- making things, shooting things, planning or drilling choreography and, okay – of course, some mischief. Take a moment to connect to a conscious thought for your day- seal it with a nice deep breath in and out.
All this to say, at this point I think I can rather safely say that I have always been a night owl and not really a morning person.

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