Ben Stiller is Walter Mitty, a Life Magazine employee who leads such a boring existence that he tends to zone out in the middle of conversations and imagine seducing the lovely lady who works down the hall or defeating his office arch-nemesis in lavishly choreographed skateboard races.
You see, Life Magazine is going to cease its print publication for good, and Walter can’t find an important image from an acclaimed photographer (Sean Penn) that was supposed to grace the final cover, forcing him into a globe-trotting adventure just to fulfill the requirements of a day job that usually keeps him locked up in the basement.
Bolstered by a nearly too-perfect soundtrack of thumping, inspirational tunes, the aesthetic of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty quickly trumps any observant complaints you might have about the simplicity of the story, or the obvious wolf traps of sentiment into which the film repeatedly falls.

Since his elaborate fantasies tend to play out in real time, they give his co-workers ample opportunity to snap their fingers in front of his face and throw various knick-knacks at his head just to see if he’s actually gone catatonic. There are only so many places The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’s thin mystery can go, at least dramatically speaking, which lessens the surprise but – you know what?
By staging the events in the inner workings of Life Magazine, the filmmakers are given license to develop a beautiful visual dialogue that evokes many of the most impressive images of the 20th Century and onward, making the humdrum life of Walter Mitty and the wild adventures he stumbles into look like the stuff of legend.

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