Les animes comme celui-la sont rares et precieux, de ceux qui renouvellent en profondeur le paysage deja defriche pour ouvrir en grand de nouvelles portes. L'un des deux hommes court apres la jeune femme (Myon) qui se faufile dans une rame de metro sur le depart. Le meilleur film de 2009 sorti sur le territoire francais sors directement en DVD et datait de 2004.
Mais on demarre tres vite avec une succession rapide de courtes sequences sans liens apparents entre elles.
Mi Primer Festival brinda una propuesta unica en el Peru, similar a festivales como los que se realizan en Espana, Brasil, Alemania, Uruguay, Mexico, entre otros paises, bajo la premisa de constituirse como una alternativa que contribuya al aprendizaje y crecimiento personal para un publico joven. La Alianza Francesa de Lima tiene el agrado de presentar el ciclo de cine Ruido blanco, cine mudo musicalizado, a traves del cual cuatro musicos locales reinterpretan y complementan cuatro peliculas referentes del cine mudo. El sonido es un elemento que, desde muy temprano, se ha vuelto esencial en la historia del cine.
La lista que presento a continuacion contiene diez titulos de calidad, y en su mayoria de gran factura visual, que bien podrian hacerse un lugar en la lista de pendientes de cualquier cinefilo.
Aunque siento que estoy parcializada, quiero codear a la gente para ver si puedo convencer a alguien de traer algunas de mis peliculas favoritas para disfrutarlas con la experiencia cinefila completa.
El mundo educativo, academico y cultural del Peru siente la perdida del literato, linguista y maestro Luis Jaime Cisneros, que dejo de existir a los 89 anos de edad en la manana de hoy, en la clinica Ricardo Palma. Ex presidente de la Academia Peruana de la Lengua y miembro de la Real Academia Espanola, y catedratico de larga trayectoria en las universidades Catolica y San Marcos, entre otros pergaminos, fue autor de una obra numerosa y diversa, dedicando la mayoria de sus trabajos a investigaciones de la lengua espanola y los mecanismos linguisticos. A doce dias de la repentina desaparicion que conmociono al mundo, en la ceremonia realizada en honor de Michael Jackson, su hermano Jermaine entono uno de los temas favoritos del rey del pop.
Imaginense esta version de la historia: El autoproclamado emperador frances toma, en determinado momento, conciencia de los desastres que viene provocando la guerra que ha emprendido por el dominio de Europa. La genialidad de Charles Chaplin siempre ha sido admirada por muchos, incluyendo a los mas grandes realizadores.
Mind Game was directed by Masaaki Yuasa, director of wonderful anime like The Tatami Galaxy and Ping Pong: The Animation. I hope I have completely failed to describe this film… while still piquing your curiosity.
For now, us Americans can watch it only through Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum, but in the future hopefully there will be a bluray of some form.
Adventure Time par Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game) (preview de l'episode Food Chain)Voici la meilleure maniere de bien commencer cette semaine (voir ce jour ferie je l'espere pour un plus grand nombre d'entre vous) : regardez le teaser de ce futur episode de la serie americaine Adventure Time intitule Food Chain, realise par un des plus grands noms de l'animation japonaise, monsieur Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Kick Heart, Ping Pong). Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. The film is directed by one of Japan's most innovative and original animation directors, Masaaki Yuasa. During the mid 80?s and 90?s Japanese animation directors, such as Mamoru Oshii, pioneered a new era of animation.
Recently in Japan, its been very difficult for the next generation of innovators to create more artistically driven projects-- mainly because of the economic situation in Japan.
So we had an idea: What if we use Kickstarter as a platform to connect the fans across the globe who want to see cutting-edge animation, with highly skilled anime directors?
This is a bit of an experiment for us, and we are trying to see if is possible to make these types of artistically driven films with the help of crowd-funding. Kick-Heart will be a 2D animated short film that will be approximately 10 minutes in length and will be written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa. I actually debated making this thread 8 hours ago, but I'm not really a fan of Yuasa's works outside of Kemonozume.
Yuasa was also a key staff member as Animation Designer, Character Designer, and Supervising Animator on the short film, Noiseman Sound Insect, which was released in 1997. I will be honest I am not perfectly clear on what transpired over the course of the short film, as not everything is shown in an obvious way, and what is shown isn’t always explained. The premise is only slightly convoluted and the plot itself remarkably straight forward, but what really makes this short film remarkable is the superb art direction, and the visual style used.
The story follows a 6th grade boy named Kou and the bizarre antics he finds himself in when he meets with a family of vampires. The sense of humor in the pilot episode, while still very distinctly childish has a noticeably demented twist to it when compared to the television series that followed after.

The story itself, while not perfectly clear upon first glance, follows a young anthropomorphic cat as he ventures to the far reaches of sanity and reality to retrieve the soul of his older sister. The young cat presumably comes close to drowning in the tub and the near death experience allows him to also see the Jizou and chase after it as it takes his sister’s soul.
The brother and sister escape of course, and what follows there after only proceeds to get more and more surreal as the two cats delve deeper and deeper into the realm of the dead as they seek the cure to the sister’s vegetable-like state.
Just a year following Cat Soup‘s international success, Yuasa returned to Studio 4°C to his first full fledged directorial role as the director of Mind Game. As I already established, the film’s main character is Robin Nishi, an unsuccessful manga artist living in Tokyo, Japan.
Invigorated and brimming with confidence after his literally death defying escape, Nishi finds himself embracing a hopelessly reckless attitude as he steals the yakuza’s car and quickly finds himself in a hilarious high speed car chase with a dozen or so more yakuza on his tail. Once again, the film drastically shifts gears and Nishi and the two girls meet a strange old man who has been living in the belly of the whale for over a decade.
The film was actually a tremendous flop upon its initial release, but quickly garnered a surprisingly large and particularly strong cult following. It is worth noting that Masaaki Yuasa was also in charge of key animation for episode 9 of Sunrise Studio’s Samurai Champloo, titled Beatbox Bandits in the English release. Moving right along, in 2006, Yuasa found himself working with Madhouse studios on a 13 episode televisions series, entitled Kemonozume.
As I mentioned the male lead character, Momota Toshihiko, is a swordsman trained to hunt and kill man-eating monsters called shokujinki, as well as the heir to the Kifuuken school of swordsmanship. The basic plot is straight forward enough, but what makes it shine is the art, the animation, and Yuasa’s wonderfully twisted sense of humor.
I suppose I should also point out that apart from being considered a comedy and a romance, Kemonozume is also a horror in the vein of the occult with some heavy gore, and erotica from the logical progression of heavy sexual themes, so there ought to be some fairly strong discretion used before watching this series.
In 2008, Yuasa was involved with two different projects; one was his directing his own television series produced by Madhouse studios, and the other was directing one of a series of shorts in the Genius Party anthology by Studio 4°C.
The 15 minute long film follows an infant trying to escape a eerie, futuristic, automated nursery. Before moving on, I would like to take this chance to encourage you to watch all of Genius Party as each and every short film included in the collection really is a work of art worthy of praise all its own. In any case, later that same year, Yuasa directed the award winning 12 episode long television series, Kaiba. In the future, the human mind can be downloaded and transferred between bodies as regular practice.
Skip ahead another two years in Yuasa’s career and we get to a title you all might be more familiar with, his next major television series, Tatami Galaxy which aired just last year in 2010.
The truth is that the series is very well written, artistically simplistic, and deviates from the look and feel of most common place anime series in the past several years. The story follows a nameless protagonist who comes to a realization in the second year of his life in university that in chasing a foolishly naive dream of finding love and living a happy, easy life style, and in becoming involved with one particular person, he has wasted the past two years of his life.
So the first several episodes follow the same formula of the main character joining a club, meeting Ozu, getting into some kind of trouble, and wishing his life were different by the end of the episode. After a number of different lives with different clubs, making the same mistakes and always involving Ozu to some capacity, the main character resolves in one reality that he won’t join a club at all and will simply stay locked up in his room. Leaving through the door, jumping out the window, breaking down the walls, or tearing apart the floor and ceiling, the main character finds an infinite corridor of his one room apartment stretching on into infinity.
The actual events of the story are fairly simplistic, although the order in which they all come across through the plot can be a tad confusing until the final episode. So, here we are a year after Tatami Galaxy‘s release, and eagerly awaiting the next big hit from Masaaki Yuasa.
Mais meme si le dessin est degueulasse au premier abord, il prend vite son charme et se justifie en renforcant le cote fictionnel. Adiciones respetables para el amante del cine que tiene un affair especial con la sala Cine Arte de UVK Larcomar. Se trata de Smile, composicion de otro superastro del espectaculo, Charles Chaplin, que la incluyo en la pelicula Tiempos modernos (1936), emblema del esplendor de su carrera y de su ruidosa friccion con el sonido. Aquel dia en un empobrecido barrio de Londres, nacio uno de los personajes mas queridos del siglo que vino a continuacion. Uno de ellos fue Billy Wilder, que cada vez que podia homenajeaba en algun pasaje de sus cintas al querido Charlie.

He’s one of the greatest living talents in anime, and a director that REALLY needs more recognition in the West. When a character has a nice smile, a shot where he is smiling adorns him with a live-action model actor. There’s a clear message of getting the most out of life, but much of it feels like humor and flair for the simple sake of being humorous and eccentric (with great success). Je vous avoue que j'etais au courant depuis l'an dernier de ce projet, et je meurs d'envie de voir cet episode diffuse. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. Their films inspired animation fans around the world, including many well known Hollywood film directors. Most of the focus has been put on creating projects that carry less risk-- such as remakes of older animation projects or well-known established properties. By using crowdfunding to help support and promote these talented directors, we can enable them to push the boundaries of anime to inspire others to innovate alongside them. If this goes well, we would definitely like to pursue more projects like this in the future. I kinda hate Mind Game, found Kaiba boring, and Tatami Galaxy's ending didn't sit well with me.
It's usually better for a project like this to get more coverage on places like NeoGAF anyway. Like many I only know if Masaaki Yuasa from Tatami Galaxy, and its far more understandable regarding the style used after reading about his long history of artistic and perhaps avant-garde work. Yep, ACen is almost done being a teenager and it's bringing along many special guests to the party!
Puis l'idee audacieuse de placer des photographies animees pour transparaitre au mieux les sentiments des personnages est interessante. Asi, despues de ser exiliado finalmente a la isla de Santa Elena, el general vuelve a sentirse inquieto por las secuelas de su obra y su vocacion militar, y decide retornar al continente, a su querida Francia. Charles Chaplin fue uno de esos creadores totales de los que se nutrio el septimo arte en sus albores: actor de impresionante capacidad fisica y gestual, director, inventor de tecnicas y estilos, musico no menos influyente.
Para que lo corroboren los dejo con este video de youtube, que por mas que dure menos de tres minutos, hace un buen recuento de las referencias utilizadas por el cineasta de origen austriaco en El Crepusculo de los dioses (1950), El espiritu de San Luis (1957), Una Eva y dos Adanes (1959) , El Apartamento (1960), Irma, la dulce (1963), entre otras. This film, for example, hasn’t been released officially in the United States somehow.
The story begins with a man failing to profess his love to a girl, and ends with him escaping a whale’s stomach by running atop the water spewing out of its blowhole.
When two characters have sex, they become rainbowlike scratchy lines that morph into each other and fly all around the room. The protagonist at one point dies from a gun held up to his anus, and when God lets him try to prevent his death, he clenches the gun between his buttcheeks to disarm his killer. Un grand bravo a Pendleton Ward le createur d'Adventure Time pour laisser des artistes s'approprier son show (on se souviendra d'autres precedents episodes tres speciaux de la serie comme celui de David O'Reilly). Si vous souhaitez soutenir mon travail, vous pouvez faire un don via Paypal pour aider aux frais d'hebergement. But after more thought, I realized that it would be selfish not to bring this to the attention of more people outside of the anime thread, especially since he might have fans who don't frequent the anime thread on NeoGAF, but care deeply for his works.
Come meet Monica Rial and VisualArt's CEO Takahiro Baba, party hard to the beats of master DJ Taku Takahashi, and experience so much more!
As a fan of the anime medium in general, even if I'm not a huge fan of the director, I should still support creative works and experimental funding concepts by talented people. Experience this amazing 3-day celebration with 91.8 The Fan's Power Surge and get a taste of what's to come for their 20th anniversary in 2017!

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