Alright, we’ve had our peace, lets find out what Zen Gardens has to do with Wednesday Giveaway.
Thank you all for making comments, reading Dianne’s post and being a fan of Angelina fibers and CME! We loved gardening til we woke up one day and a whole pack of deer had totally destroyed every plant so in long run the animals got to eat but none of the fruits of our labors got to our table.
Because I have a love for evergreen trees we cleared an area between us and the grade school and planted three trees. Email UpdatesSign up to receive sewing news, discounts and special offers via email from Creative Machine Embroidery. This chair is designed to provide a comfortable seat and back support while meditating (comes with an 8″ silk cushion, not shown).

Made of Oregon Black Marbled Walnut, the top slab is live edged and shows slices of walnuts hidden and forgotten by squirrels as the tree grew in the orchard of a settler to the west coast. The design is inspired by the rugged, but beautiful leather tooling often seen on the saddles of the Conquistadors.
This bench is design to accommodate up to 3 comfortably and will fit well with a standard table. The Winds of the Prairie collection explores the concepts of the passage of time over the North American Landscape. This end table reflects the ethic of the Winds of the Prairie series, designed to reflect the colors and natural environment of the prairies of the central United States.
Using a combination of pyrography and hand painted images this piece explores the vulnerability and endurance of the female spirit within the constraints of formal social structures.

For today the full collection (57 designs) of Zen Garden by Anita Goodesign is what is up for Wednesday Giveaway! Yet the despite the whimsy, the piece reflects the integration of old hidden values held deep within our genetic memory with the new realities and materials (glass) of our current lifestyles. See, there is method to my madness.  Tell me your favorite gardening story or horror story to be entered to win!

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