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Army 'downgrader' lists 'prohibited' items for sale on CarousellClick on thumbnail to view photos. Soldiers are now allowed to wear headphones while working out at fitness centers in their physical-training uniforms, but outdoor headphone use will remain prohibited, according to an Army directive issued Friday, May 6, 2016. Soldiers are now allowed to wear headphones while working out at fitness centers in their physical-training uniforms although outdoor use will remain prohibited. “Effective immediately, unless the unit or installation commander prohibits otherwise, soldiers may use headphones, including wireless or non-wireless devices and earpieces, in uniform only while performing individual physical training in indoor gyms or fitness centers,” says a directive issued last Friday and signed by Acting Secretary of the Army Patrick J. Garrison installations include Schofield Barracks, Fort Shafter, Wheeler Army Airfield, Helemano and Aliamanu military reservations, Fort DeRussy and Kilauea Military Camp on Hawaii. Policy Memorandum USAG-HI-65 has been released and places the same restrictions on e-cigs as tobacco.
Service members who violate e-cig policy are subject to punishment under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The Tropic Lightning Museum may be able to help if you’re looking for older or missing content after 1955.
In 2011, the country's constitutional court prohibited the army from carring out such raids and the detention of people who have not defined their military situation. On his Facebook account, Correa Velez posted a video recording the discussion he had with a second lieutenant of the army, urging him to let the minors go while encouraging the minors to get off the truck. In 2011, the country's Constitutional Court prohibited the army from carrying out such raids, yet reports such as the one from Congressman Velez seems to show that these practices have still not disappeared in Colombia. The new rules come barely a year after deeply unpopular restrictions enacted last March burned many inked soldiersArmy Chief of Staff Gen. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Israeli army introduces a new system of identification numbers for the 30,000 Palestinian residents in the city.
Shuhada Street was once a bustling thoroughfare running through the heart of the West Bank's largest city [Getty]Hebron, Occupied West Bank - Every sunset, 23-year-old Alaa stands in the balcony of her modest stone house overlooking Hebron's Shuhada Street. Palestinians buzzed between busy shops and glass factories, and lived in apartments above the shops. Over the past month, the few Palestinians, who still live on or nearby the street, are enduring a new set of army restrictions and security searches.
On October 30, the Israeli military announced a closed military zone over the area of Hebron under full Israeli security control. To enforce the closure, the Israeli army introduced a new system of identification numbers for the 30,000 Palestinian residents of the cordoned-off H2 district which encompasses about 20 percent of Hebron and includes Shuhada Street and a number of Israeli settlements.The remaining 80 percent of the city is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. In addition to presenting their identification cards at 17 internal checkpoints and undergoing security checks, Palestinians must now orally give soldiers their new ID number when entering and leaving the blockades that enclose Shuhada Street. Those who forget their ID numbers or chose not to register sneak in and out of the H2 area through fields, careful not to be caught in the heavily monitored region. In 1994, after the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Israeli military closed businesses and shops along Shuhada Street. A decade later, at the end of the Second Intifada in 2005, the army shut down the glass manufacturing plants and prohibited Palestinian vehicles from using the street.
Hundreds of people were forced to move, and those who stayed often have to enter their homes through alleyways. Despite these changes, hardline Israeli politicians say the increased army presence in and around Hebron remains insufficient. Bennett's remarks reflect a growing desire among Israeli right-wingers to launch a full-scale advance into Palestinian cities.

While Hebron has long been the site of clashes between settlers and Palestinians, the Murakatans said their neighbourhood has witnessed about three settler attacks a week since it became a closed military zone. In another incident, Israeli soldiers accused Fadwa of concealing a weapon when she left her house to throw rubbish into a bin on Shuhada Street. Cousin of Abdullah al-Shalaldeh, killed by Israelis in a hospital raid, was fatally shot in a separate incident. Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians in Hebron have been especially traumatic for children, experts say.
From Rwanda to the former Yugoslavia, photojournalist Jack Picone shares his most disturbing memories of war. The number of children living at the al-Amal Institute for Orphans has nearly doubled since the 2014 war.
As witch-hunts and sorcery killings spread across Papua New Guinea, 101 East investigates shocking human rights abuses.
Government sources say military forces have recaptured hospital after it was taken by ISIL fighters. Pro and anti-government protesters take to streets as president expands state of emergency to fight "economic war". MUST-SEE PROGRAMMESThe StreamLeicester City: A remarkable storyIt’s being called the greatest upset in sports history. A Carousell listing where several 'prohibited' items from the Singapore Army were put on sale for $250 has caught the attention of users. The photo embedded in this article is the self-posted instagram image of Private First Class Tariqka Sheffey advertising her decision to disrespect the flag under which her compatriots have defended freedom for more than 200 years! Since the image hit social media, “angry service members, Gold Star mothers and spouses have called for the soldier’s removal from service,” reports The Army Times.
The soldier is part of the 59th Quartermaster Company, 43rd Sustainment Brigade, at Fort Carson, CO. According to Post spokeswoman, Dee McNutt, the situation is being handled by the chain of command and Ms.
Video Report – Soldier Stationed at Fort Stewart Moves Every Item from His Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom to the Front Lawn in One Last Effort to Get Her to Keep Her Room Clean! Heartwarming Video Report – Fallen American Soldier’s Eight Year-Old Son Finds $20.00 on the Ground, Then, Decides to Give It to an Air Force Lt. TweetJames Dao of the New York Times has a good article about milblogging, and how milblogs have moved mainstream. What once had the hint of sassy independence or even underground rebellion has gone mainstream. TweetPeter Colwell has written a note in the William Mitchell Law Review titled “If You Are Reading This, You Are Engaged and Aware”: Serving the Diversity of Interests in Blogs Written by Service Members. The current regulatory regime governing blogs written by members of the military comes from official policy memoranda, Army Regulation 530-1, Operations Security (OPSEC), and Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) articles. This Note proposes that congressional legislation is necessary to regulate blogs written by members of the armed forces in combat zones. The Associated Press reports that new orders handed down by the People’s Liberation Army ban blogging by soldiers. A recent garrison policy memo places the same restrictions as cigarettes on electronic cigarettes. Army Garrison-Hawaii installations must follow existing tobacco regulations on electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs. It states tobacco and e-cigs are “prohibited in all DA (Department of the Army)-occupied workplaces, except for designated smoking areas,” per Army Regulation 600-63, para.

All others may be punished by administrative actions, debarment from installations and other prosecution. I am a congressman of the Republic, of the Human Rights Commission, you do not have to be here if you do not want to, no one can force you to participate in the war.
They target young men from the most disenfranchised social classes of the country, he added, whose rights are easier to violate. Army will soon be able to get inked on their arms and legs thanks to changing rules, officials announced Wednesday.Ink may extend all the way to the wrist once the rules go into effect. The area is also home to 500 hardline Israeli settlers, and has long been a flashpoint for unrest between Palestinians and the Israeli military. The Israeli army detained at least 20 international volunteers who monitor H2 area," said Sohaib Zahda, of the Hebron-based activist group Youth Against Settlements. They are prohibited from even walking down part of it," said Sarit Michaeli, a spokesperson for the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem. Speaking to Army Radio last Monday, Naftali Bennett, the leader of the far-right Jewish Home party, called for a second Defensive Shield, referring to Israel's large-scale military operation in the West Bank in 2002. The container was lobbed on to their house during the near-daily clashes in Hebron between Palestinian youth and the Israeli military. Army Soldier, Private First Class Tariqka Sheffey, Hides in Her Car to Avoid Saluting the American Flag, then Brags About It Online! Generals blog, the armed services all have Twitter accounts, and scores of company and battalion commanders maintain Facebook pages. This regime fails to provide clear guidance to service members on what is required of them as bloggers, exactly what material they may publish on their blogs, and what the process is for review of blogs. This legislation should weigh the concerns for operational and national security as well as the interests of service member authors, the military, the public, and the literary and journalist community to which these blogs contribute.
This follows a legal procedure, while the one you are following is out of the law,” he reportedly said.
I wait by the window, and I tell him not to be late," she said, requesting that her last name not be published.
CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.Yesterday, The Army Times brought the American people the shocking story of a soldier who hid in her car to avoid saluting the American flag!
The result is a perception of arbitrary punishment and a potential threat of “chilling” blogging by service members. Congress should enact a statute that creates a committee of civilian journalists and military officials to conduct reviews of blogs and only allow blog removal by vote. All rights reserved - including, in the tradition of the National Football League and Lego-brand legos, many rights which I do not even legally have. Ray Odierno announced policy change at the Association of the United States Army conference in Huntsville, Alabama. Shuhada Street (Arabic for "Martyrs Street") was once a bustling thoroughfare running through the heart of the West Bank's largest city, connecting Hebron's outdoor market to the Ibrahimi Mosque.
Further, the regulatory scheme is centered on security considerations and fails to balance or adequately consider the other interests in blogs written by service members in combat zones.
The journalists would have insight into journalistic concerns and ethics as well as the journalistic value of a particular blog, while the military representatives would be able to halt publication of blogs that present genuine security risks.
The statute should establish concise guidelines, informed by First Amendment jurisprudence, for the review of the postings to curb the discretion of the committee, and it should require written reports on decisions to shut down a blog.

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