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Published: 27.12.2013. Category: Tattoo Pictures

Getting a tattoo can be nerve-wreckinga€”aside from the pain involved during the process, so many things could go wrong that will make the decision of inking anything permanently onto our skin seem like the biggest mistake of our lives. However, when we come across truly remarkable pieces of tattoo art, it seems like all that risk will be worth it. Trend-focused website So Bad So Good has compiled a collection of exceptionala€”in some cases, mind-blowingly intensea€”tattoos for your inspirational and visual pleasure.

From a whimsical connect-the-dots tattoo that links up to form a giraffe, to an amazingly intricate map of Venice that covers both hands, these tattoos could not be grouped together under any particular themea€”the only similarity they share is that of beauty. Stunning and wildly conspicuous, these pieces are not meant to be covered up in any waya€”and why should they be?

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