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I will stop feeling endangered in 1 week by confessing Scriptures whenever I encounter dangerous situations on my way home from work at night. I will measure my progress by recording my persistent endangered thoughts in my journal and praying over them. Write down your chosen Bible verses as affirmations which are positive and in the present tense.
Visualize yourself as having achieved the goal you are affirming and feel the feelings of success. For example you can visualize yourself in a dangerous situation feeling peaceful because of the peace of God which surpasses all understanding.
Copy your Christian Affirmations to Fight DangerĀ in a small notebook and carry it wherever you go so that you can meditate on them during idle moments like when waiting for an appointment. You can also write them on stickers and stick them on your dashboard if you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic jams. Read your Christian Affirmation cards whenever any goal-defeating thought crosses your mind.

For example these can be people like the muggers you encounter on your way home after your night shift. Paste your Christian Affirmation cards on a board together with pictures that represent having attained your goal. Make a mind movie from your Christian Affirmations to Fight DangerĀ and watch it regularly to imprint your affirmations on your mind. For example you can begin by looking for ways to avoid putting yourself in the dangerous situations even if it means applying for a job or moving to home in a safer area. This entry was posted in Healthy Spirit and tagged Christian Affirmations to Fight Danger on by The Healthy Christians. The interview started with pleasantries, with Pacquiao even announcing that he supports many young scholars who happen to be members of the LGBT communtiy. In the dzMM TeleRadyo clip that is a little over 25 minutes long, things started to get uncomfortable at the 6:30 mark.
Then, basically, Pacquiao just repeats his "sorry spiel" to all members of the LGBT community.

Repeating them every day to yourself will help you start believing them because Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. Use all your five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) to make your visualization powerful. Manny Pacquiao was interviewed by Karen Davila, along with Vic Lima, in the dzMM radio program Pasada sa Sais Trenta. That's when Davila said to Pacquiao: "Naiintindihan kita na lagi mong kino-quote ang Bibliya, pero narinig mo na ba ang kasabihan na, 'separation of Church and State'?
A good place is by your bedside so that you can see it immediately you wake up and before you fall asleep. Narinig mo na ba ang phrase na 'yun, na 'separation of Church and State' (I understand why you are always quoting the Bible, but have you heard about the 'separation of Church and State' The separation of religion from the government.

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