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Published: 17.05.2015. Category: Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

This week, I’ll be showing you some of the features of the font that I created specifically with weddings in mind. This sample was created using mostly the SCRIPT fonts ( A combination of STYLISTIC and STANDARD) with just the city and state in the TEXT font along with added flourishes on some of the letters in the names. The Dom Loves Mary font is now  available for purchase at: Correspondence Ink Type foundry . The PRO VERSION complete with ALL THREE SCRIPT FONTS  and a combined total of over 100 flourished ornaments. Our Accoutrements Package containing both sets of FLOURISHES for letter customization as well as our ADD-ON WORDS . There are so many freebie fonts online that it can be tough choosing exactly what you need.

Thanks for sharing the collection, going to install some of these later on, I’m always looking for new calligraphy fonts for invitations etc! Some of the projects these can be used for are: invitations, envelope addressing, programs, Bride and Groom signs, Thank you tags and note cards.
With more options you often feel trapped picking just one solution – so how do you know where to start? I’ve never paid attention to Arabic fonts because I have no use for them, but they may exist.
I think it is very readable and knowledgeable, happy to see some people still have interest in this.I will share this blog with my friends. Miss, Ms, Doctor, The Doctors ) to add a special touch to your envelopes.  In this sample, I used a combination of both the Dom Loves Mary SCRIPT CONTEXTUAL and TEXT fonts, as well as additional letter flourishes, that come in two sets of 72 each.

It’s how I come to terms with the obsession with script fonts in wedding invitations.
Even for basic graphics design or digital branding, these calligraphy fonts offer quite an experience in the realm of beautiful typography.

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