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This page offers two main services which include the Japanese Symbols and also the Japanese Fonts. Now open a word document or a text editor and go up and choose jp_font1 or jp_font2 or whatever font you chose. I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that it helped you enjoy some Japanese Symbols and Japanese Fonts. Below is a summary of unique designs on Japanese Kanji T-shirts classified into sayings, words, locations and other witty phrases or expression. Make sure to check our Learn Japanese page, which contains several lessons that might help you in your learning process. We carry a wide variety of Japanese words and Japanese sayings and proverbs written in Kanji symbols.

The first sevice will allow you to save images that you're interested in, and the second service will allow you to type in a fancy Japanese font on your computer. These Kanji characters, or Chinese characters, are often used in Asian calligraphy and make cool t-shirts. These wise proverbs and funny sayings are written in all three Japanese styles - Kanji, Kana and Katakana.
We offer Japanese Symbols, Calligraphy and fonts online, from most famous wisdom words and signs to Japanese characters and alphabet. Our Kanji t-shirts, coffee cups, bumper stickers and other gifts spell out the Japanese words for surfer, vegetarian, cook, professional and various locations. Kanji lettering can not be used to write all Japanese text, the other scripts are necessary for punctuation and certain words.

If you travel in Japan today, you may see a lot written in Katakana letters, which are often used for foreign words. Kanji symbols are also called chinese characters and were introduced into Japanese culture from Korea in the fifth century. Or wear a shirt that shows your ethnic identity, find a Japanese t-shirt that says America, Italy or France. Kanji is most often used in Japanese calligraphy which is taught in schools and is a popular hobby.

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