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For any photographer starting out, one of the hardest elements is to try and sell his images. One of the main reasons for letting an agency handle your entire sales is their customer reach.
Submitting your images to a picture library or agency should be looked at as a long-term investment. An agency will ask for a contract to be signed, licensing them to the right to market and sell your images for a standard length of time. Agencies normally sell the reproduction rights of an image, which means that the image is being licensed to a buyer for a specified purpose.
You do not need to submit all your images to the stock agency; you can always keep some images to sell yourself. If you spend all day by the phone promoting the business, the chances are that you will spend less time doing the thing that you love most, taking pictures. If you fall into this category then it is time to have a rethink about your photography and contact one of the many stock photography agencies.
A large stock company will have thousands of clients on their books, and are always on the lookout for new talent. Usually when they sell an image to a publisher the photographer receives a percentage of the price agreed.
When an agency accepts the work of a new photographer they will have a lot of scanning and filing to do and all of this takes time.
All agencies will have their own set of guidelines; do follow these or your images will be rejected. If magazines and publishing companies have rejected you in the past, the chances are that your imagery is not up to par.

If you do feel that your pictures are good enough, create a portfolio on a CD and submit it. Make sure that you add a detailed caption with each image – this will help to sell it. Other0 Comments 0 0CommentsGetting your photographs onto a stock agency can be difficult. Some image libraries desire more lifestyle photographs, whereas others would prefer reportage style images. For example, I submit this photo to Alamy, rather than the luxury travel image libraries I work with, and it appeared in a national newspaper a couple of months ago.There are different types of agencies, so choosing the right one to work with is vital. Whereas agencies like Corbis, Getty and Alamy will negotiate the price based on usage, so they can sometimes be higher priced.
Some agencies are managed, which means an editor will look at the photos you submit, and only choose the ones that they would like to take on.
This is especially true for managed stock agencies, so study what they already have and try to take and submit photos that are different in some way. If they are happy with your selection they will ask to see more, so you need to ensure that you are ruthless when you edit your initial submission. If you are invited to send more after your initial submission, make sure you study the submission guidelines carefully, to ensure your images are technically perfect. This means checking every single image you are sending at 100% view, because stock agencies will spot any errors, will reject the photo, and in some cases such as Alamy, that whole submission.
Ask them if they have any current picture needs, or if they would like photos from a specific location. For example, a new flight route to a country could mean it will become the next big tourist destination, or is there a current news, fashion, or environmental issue that you can create a photo shoot on.

The key is to be informed whatever your subject is, so read magazines, trade newsletters, and newspapers to get a sense of hot topics. This photo sold within a few hours of being live.With so many stock libraries out there, choosing the one that fits your style of work and also offers a good return on your photos can be tricky. Once you have signed up and submitted photos, there are usually clauses in place which state a minimum notice period to remove photos, or exclusivity rights that mean it can be difficult to move those images to another agency. The key is to make sure you do your research beforehand, choose wisely, and take your time.For more stock photography tips read:Quick Tips for Getting Into Stock Photography7 Benefits of Doing Microstock Photography20 Tips to Improve Your Travel Stock PhotosDo you sell your images as stock photography? CommentsRead more from our Tips & Tutorials category Kav Dadfar is a professional travel and landscape photographer based in London. He spent his formative years working as an art director in the world of advertising but loved nothing more than photography and travelling. His images are represented by stock agencies such as 4Corners Images, Robert Harding World Imagery, Getty, Axiom Photographic, and Alamy and they have been used by clients such as Conde Nast, National Geographic, Wanderlust travel magazine, America Express and many more. Hope this helps.Regards Kav me I sell on 123rf, but find the average 25 cents per sale makes it not worthwhile. Here you are guided for Real estate investment fund foreclosures REO services trustee auctions distressed property Arizona. When your images are ready to caption on Alamy there is a drop down menu that asks if you have model release (if there are people in the photo). I think it’s funny as I sent in a photo of people skating on a local pond, they were covered up with balaclava and sun glasses.

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