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Few words are more synonymous with child-like wonderment and fun-fuelled fantasy than Hamleys, one of the world’s largest, best-known and best-loved toy stores. No stranger to the Hamleys brand, Chute Gerdeman Retail has developed the architecture, graphics and shopfitting design for a number of the company’s global stores. Each store design is born from the same basic blueprint but adapts to the unique character of its location, Shafley explained.
The spatial parametres of the Dubai Mall store presented a first point of difference, and a specific set of challenges.
But the 32,000ft² store delivers the expected dose of delight at every turn, he continued. The spirit of Hamleys is also captured in the whimsy of the design elements, which include stars, bubbles, clouds and flowers. Miss Blossom Designa„? are genuine boutique web design specialists in design and development. Below are a selection of our boutique websites built using Big Commerce (e-commerce), Wordpress (as a content management system) and static HTML website design and development.

A brochure (informational) website is ideal for a spa, salon, boutique service business or personal website that doesn't require an e-commerce (shopping cart) website component and doesn't need to be updated daily or weekly (a blog is recommended in this case to utilise the CMS - content management system). If you do want to be able to update the site yourself but do not want to sell, we recommence WordpressA® as a content management system (CMS). All Miss Blossom Designa„? boutique website design, boutique logo design and multi-award winning glamorous beauty products, cosmetics, fashion websites and point of sale material, skincare packaging and branding and liquor and beverage packaging design is copyright protected under international copyright law. Please do not use any of the material on this site without our express permsission in writing. So, when it came to recreating the fairy-tale feel of the company’s flagship Regents Street store in the Dubai Mall, Chute Gerdeman Retail, a strategic retail design and branding company, was called in to work its magic. As you can see our goal is to think outside the box to create a website design that is truly unique and tailored to your exact needs. Miss Blossom Designa„? offer the most feminine and luxurious bespoke (custom) website design for glamorous companies. A brochure website shows visitors your company information, such as spa service menu, or make up artist portfolio.

All Miss Blossoms Designa„?s are bespoke, tailored to the exact needs of each individual client. You may, if you choose to, share our content on social media but please, as a courtesy add a credit and a link back to our site, and may not be used in any derogory or defamatory manner.
Special products and design features, like the camels in Dubai, will feel unique to each store. The store front and entry were designed to capture the Hamleys Regent Street magic and scale.

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