With the metallic finish, the red is more magenta than I'd thought, but I'm happy with them. Benny, you did see that the bike already has a thermostatically controlled cooling fan, installed from the factory?
Ok i see,so you think i should take the fan off right away or just keep an eye on the temp? And the mesh is pretty much the same as you recommended (nice neat job on your rad) just its sprayed with two coats of white,i did wonder about the mesh size before so checked it with a genuine cbr rad guard and mine has more open area in holes then the 20 dollar one so i will likey just run it like it is now without the fan and a new sheet of mesh (without the hole).what you think?
Now if you were using your bike in a non-typical way, say for something like riding the bike in parades (seriously) at very slow speeds, then I could see the benefit of having two or three of those PC fans running constantly whenever the engine is running. I think ill take the fan off ,and new strip of the same mesh,i have it over an inch away from the rad.
This dude had a Harley, not a trike, and he was towing a 12ft aluminum boat behind his bike..

12 foot V bottom Aluminum boat - 370 Trout, View 12 foot V bottom Aluminum boat - 370 Trout, Kimple Product Details from Shanghai Hexin Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.
Took longer than I thought because I didn't apply enough grease to get the brake lever bolt to catch.
Never had the levers so close - something to get use to when you have small hands and have been use to "reaching"! As far as I know Honda doesn't actually make an accessory radiator guard for the CBR250R, or if they do it's not being offered through U.S. I went for a ride yesterday morning pretty early and went up a closed road where not many people go this time of year due to snow. I was dumbfounded when I seen it, couldn't believe I seen a bike towing a boat that is twice as long as his bike. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Besides, Honda did all their R&D to come up with an integrated cooling system that provides adequate cooling for these bikes when operated in typical conditions. I pulled over just walking around and smoking a joint and then I seen the weirdest thing ever.. Since I was away from my bike, I went back to my bike to turn on my Gopro and catch up to him, and that fool hauled ass up the mountain.

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