A fiberglass travel trailer, Lil Snoozy is now available nationwide directly from the manufacturer.
Based on customer input, changes were made in the past two years to ready the travel trailer for increased demand and increased production. Word about the Lil Snoozy is spreading via the company’s website, Internet forums, and word of mouth. With unmatched flexibility the consumer now has the ability to customize the Lil Snoozy to best fit their requirements and budget. Fiberglass was the obvious choice in construction of the LiL Snoozy small travel trailer, not only because of the manufacturers’ more than 38 years of fiberglass and composites experience, but also for the durability and aesthetics of a fiberglass shape. Through the use of composites many previously unheard of features can be incorporate in campers.
An ultra-aerodynamic shape, with clean flowing curves, will be the first thing you will notice about the Lil Snoozy small travel trailer.
Camping, RV Dealers, RV Lifestyle, RV Manufactures camping, concept RVs, lightweight travel trailer, Lil Snoozy, recreational vehicle, RV Industry, RVing, travel trailers, ultra light travel trailer. Inspired by another thread here, I was wondering what we can (or already have) design for a quality home-built boat trailer?
I've never read the Glen-L book on building wood-frame trailers, and am not too sure how the DMV would like that, but am willing to consider all or partial wood frame elements.
Not willing to consider torsion axles, or suspension systems rated for 1000+lbs, both of which seem to be the only lightweight ones readily available from Northern Tool and other major retailers. I understand that commercial trailers exist with all or most of these elements, but prices are usually well over $1200 for the Trailex aluminum models with spare tire, winch stand and winch.
If the main spar were made of wood, hollow, thru bolted and glued and with a solid telescoping inner spar it would facilitate launching at shallow launches.

It wouldn't be remotely strong enough to handle the weight and forces of trailering unless it was massively thick! As for something like the Yakima trailer, that would be great if we could source the parts separately.
My Aeroflow trailer has torsion suspension, and is scary to tow empty as it will do repeated 3' vertical hops on bad freeway sections.
Remember, once you get the trailer license and title you can modify or upgrade it virtually anyway you want with no hassle from the authorities. Save them to your computer if you want copies, as things tend to come and go when I need space on the website. We see a couple of those gorgeous light aluminum trailers with motorcycle wheels every year at the big canoe shows, but a couple grand for a little trailer is far more than I'd ever spend on one. I've converted two of these for small boat trailers, using a long steel tube for an extended tongue and wooden homemade bunks.
He mentioned a swinging or removable tongue, which some prefer because it shortens the whole package, making it easier to store. I used a Harbor Freight trailer for several years, but even though I always rinsed it after each launch into salt water, it eventually rusted into uselessness. Matthews, South Carolina-based Smoakin Concepts Composites began selling “Lil Snoozy” small travel trailers only in the Southeast. This year, Lil Snoozy also is making the rounds at several consumer shows and will be sold to dealers. With a rounded front top and bottom, there’s no buffeting as the RV goes down the road, according to the manufacturer.
Within a unique two piece fiberglass unit modern coring materials and state of the art manufacturing processes have been incorporated, adding strength and insulating properties, while tremendously reducing weight.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. It's a superb trailer and nothing using leaf springs will ever even be remotely close when it comes to a smooth, quiet ride. Mine is very hefty, but a guy who built a Slider sister ship found a johnboat trailer that was narrow enough that the hulls sit outside the wheels, so that he can use a much shallower ramp than I can. If you go with one and only of the kit trailers similar Dave and Keith suggest I’d strongly root on a. It would be nice to have a very lightweight trailer for a very lightweight (say 350 pound) boat, but stock hardware tends to be heavy. Maybe what we're really searching for is very economical, lightweight but durable rolling parts. The Yakima Rack and Roll weighs 150 pounds and only carries 250 pounds and is ridiculously high in price.. Back when I used to sell them, the capacity on most of the Holsclaws in that size range was 500-600 lbs.
And ATV with Free tops Saver Shipping and exempt Returns on Qualified Orders small boat trailer kit.

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