Because of their construction, pontoon fishing boats are one of the most stable boats you can find.  They also don’t sit as deep in the water as regular-hulled boats, meaning that you can navigate into much shallower waters. Well, this will depend on how many people are going to use the boat.  For a single-manned pontoon fishing boat, then for the average sized person who likes to fish lakes, ponds and slow moving rivers and streams, then around an 8 or 9 foot craft will suit.
However, if you’re larger than average, or you like to fish in fast moving rivers, then a 10 foot boat will allow you much greater stability.  If you’re extremely large, or if you want to carry a large amount of kit, then a 12 footer might be more suitable. A 12 foot boat will happily accommodate two average sized fisherman.  But do be aware that 10 and 12 foot boats are naturally more difficult to manoeuvre and turn in the water than the smaller, 8 or 9 foot option. For anyone who’s looking for a pontoon boat that provides high features for a low feature cost, then this should definitely be one to consider.  Offering high comfort and many features that are generally only found on more expensive boats, it’s no surprise that this sturdy little boat  is proving extremely popular amongst those who’ve purchased it. This strong, rugged boat is built to last and withstand all the water might challenge you with.
This boat is designed for the ultimate fishing experience in terms of storage, organization of your gear, convenience, and especially comfort. The backpack itself is super-roomy, offering a wide opening for easy packing of the boat and all accessories. A competitively priced pontoon boat that is both excellent on the water and easy to transport.  Constructed from heavy duty, abrasion resistant PVC and nylon, as well as a very tough steel tube frame, this boat makes for a very versatile one-man fishing boat.
The Oswego Inflatable Pontoon Boat offers everything you would want in a superior pontoon boat: comfort, durability, storage, safety features, and style. The boat is super strong, featuring a powder coated steel frame, and the pontoons have tightly woven fabric tops with rugged PVC bottoms to resist abrasions. The boat allows you to easily organize all your small and larger gear, offering numerous storage areas and components — six large zippered pouches, mesh pockets, and two drink holders. Fit everything you can imagine in this durable, lightweight boat that is a breeze to assemble.
If you’re looking for the ultimate pontoon boat, the Oswego offers everything you could need in one boat and will look great on the water as well.
Time to leave the water’s edge and find the best fishing spots in a rugged pontoon boat with all the extras! This boat is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 45 pounds, yet supports a weight capacity of 325 pounds. The Southfork Pontoon Package features rotary-welded pontoon covers with abrasion-resistant PVC tops 22 ounce impact-resistant bottoms. This boat is super strong, due to the stainless steel, corrosion-resistant frame, the 100 percent polyurethane bladder, and 6-foot aluminum oars with molded rubber oar stops. Convenience features include an adjustable footrest, which adjusts to multiple leg lengths, roomy weather-proof, roomy storage pockets for stashing all of your fishing gear.
This beautiful pontoon boat will allow you to sneak up on the fish without the noisy motor, catching fish you’ve only dreamt of. If you’re looking for beauty as well as excellence in craftsmanship, Bucks Bags Alpine 7 foot pontoon boat is the boat for you.
Other features include room for battery storage and adjustable footrests to accommodate many leg lengths.
This sturdy, 9-foot pontoon boat comes with all the extras and is ready to get you off the land and on the lake, where you can quietly sneak up on fish you’ve never caught before! The boat is made of rugged powdered stainless steel, promising stability on the water and a non-corrosive frame.
Other standard features include a roomy cargo deck, side storage pockets, an effective stripping apron and breakdown oars.

Overall, Bucks Bags High Adventure pontoon boat sets a new standard in pontoon boat excellence.
The 6.5' oars fit smoothly into the mid-duty open brass oar locks, and with nylon bushing inserts, rowing is quiet a€“ which youa€™ll appreciate when moving into position quietly and without scaring the fish. DescriptionSALE PENDING Aloha Yachts were a range of sailing keelboats manufactured in Whitby, Ontario, Canada by Ouyang Boat Works, founded by Ti Ouyang who had previously worked for Whitby Boat Works. Creek also offers a 9-foot Super Sport XR a€“ their most economical pontoon at the most popular length preferred by fly fishermen. A Look at the Boats The Sport boats comes with a new hammer finish steel frame, motor mount for electric motor, plastic seat, oars, oarlocks, cargo pockets, large mesh stripping apron, rigid grid cargo deck, adjustable foot bars, and a two-way pump.
Designed for the ultimate in ease of transportability, the entire pontoon boat, including oars and pump, fit into a neat 45-pound backpack.
Adjustable foot rests adjust to fit multiple leg lengths and the super-padded body conforming seats with stadium style seat backs provide additional support. The backpack also features a padded back panel, a sternum strap and ergonomic shoulder pads and includes adjustable load lifters. The seat armrests feature multiple small mesh pockets for storing smaller gear, such as tackle, lures, and fishing wire, while the two large zippered pockets on the seat backs provide plenty of space for your larger gear.
This beautiful candy-red boat is the ultimate in durability and transportability, weighing only 76 pounds but supporting up to 450 pounds.
The boat also comes with two seven-foot oars which can be set in numerous positions, for added convenience and fishing expertise. Bucks Bags Pontoon Boat is a tough, durable boat that will allow you to access prime fishing spots on the lake. Therefore, you can easily transport the boat to those remote fishing spots you’ve never been able to access till now! This lightweight boat has all the modern conveniences to make your day on the water a great one. This gorgeous boat, colored a deep scarlet red, has all the features you seek in a still-water boat and more. The boat also features multiple organizational pockets for storing all your fishing gear and then some. Pontoon Package is a boat which is not only beautiful to see on the water, it is also a beautiful work of craftsmanship and a boat that offers minimal wind resistant as it tracks gracefully through the water. This boat is an unbelievably affordable pontoon boat, with features you’d typically only expect in more expensive pontoon boats. This is a V Style Pontoon Bunk Bracket mounting support for mounting to your trailer frame or trailers cross member. Water Skeeter River Lite pontoon boat is a stable, safe and lightweight boat ideal for rivers, lakes and streams. Or if you prefer to troll, use the transom block and mount a small electric trolling motor. Below in our directory you will find detailed description and information of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 model plus photos, reviews, specifications, prices, charters and everything else you need to know about this fantastic boat for sale. After producing a range of 16, 20 and 23 foot trailerable sailboats under the Matilda name, Ouyang introduced the Ted Brewer & Robert Wallstrom designed Aloha 28 in 1973. Search Sacs Marine directory for pontoon boats, fishing boats , aluminium boats, bass boats, speed boats, silboats and luxury yachts for sale.
The boata€™s toons are constructed with 30-gauge PVC single chamber bladders fitted with Boston valves.
The pontoons are made of abrasion-resistant bottoms to resist punctures and super heavy-duty fabric tops, offering further safety and stability.

Although rowing this boat is made easier by Bucks Bags shallow-draft double pontoon system, the boat also features a motor mount and anchor system, so that you can quickly motor to a new location, then drop anchor once you get there. Yet, despite it being super-light weight, the boat can support weight up to 375 lbs – perfect for you and all the fishing gear you can think of. The foot bars, which have six adjustable positions for small and tall anglers, allow you to keep your feet out of the water for relaxing, or as a brace when navigating faster water. The 8' ODC XR8 pontoon boat handles better than models with 7' pontoons, which are too short to handle easily in strong rivers.
Contact Aloha 32 Dealers, Brokers and Manufacturers directly and find a large selection of pontoon boats, aluminium boats, fishing boats , bass boats, speed boats and yachts for sale on Sacs Marine! To ensure you a long-lasting pontoon boat, the boat includes cold and heat resistant bladders as well. Plus, you can load this weight-bearing boat up with super-heavy gear, yet transport it easily from vehicle to water or even those remote fishing spots you’ve been longing to fish in.
There’s also a roomy cargo deck with a motor mount, so that you can add a motor if desired. While there are more expensive 8' boats on the market, you dona€™t need to overspend as long as the quality is acceptable. The company also considered acting as North American agents for Robert Perry designed 41 and 47 foot yachts to be manufactured in the far east and sold under the Aloha-Perry name, but after trials with the prototype 41 foot model, decided not to pursue this arrangement. In other words, you dona€™t need to pay for more boat than youa€™ll use, especially if you are going out only a few times a year.
All production boats featured good quality fibreglass construction and well finished teak interiors. If you dona€™t have to go too far on the water, this one gets the job done. What We Say In terms of quality and performance, the Creek Company ODC XR8 is a nice fly fishing pontoon boat for $499, but we would strongly recommend you go with the ODC XR9. A total of between 600 and 700 boats were constructed before the company encountered financial difficulties in a mid-1980's depression in the boat building business, and ceased trading. The steel clamp-on oarlocks have nylon bushing inserts to prevent squeaking when rowing, and the comfortable walk-through foot bars have adjustable position for anglers of any size. The 9' boat will glide better, doesna€™t require as much energy to row as an 8' model will, and you can add a standing platform to the 9' boat. They remain a popular choice with Canadian and US buyers and are supported by enthusiastic owners associations, the Aloha Owners Association catering to owners of 27, 28, 30 and 32 foot models and the Aloha 34 Network to owners of the Aloha 34. You can also use flippers on your feet for propulsion, or add a small electric trolling motor to the transom block on the cargo deck. What We Say The Creek Company ODC Sport XR is an updated version of the companya€™s best-selling 8' pontoon boat. Another option is to consider a frameless pontoon with swivel seats that sets up in about 5 minutes a€“ perfect example is the Sea Eagle 285 fpb Pro package. But herea€™s the bummer: the molded plastic seat is unpadded, a rod holder is not included, and the 9' Super Sport model does not have the width configuration to add a standing platform. It might cost a little more than the Creek Company ODC XR8 pontoon boat (ita€™s fully tricked out!) but it also weighs a lot less, comes with a 180-day money back guarantee, and you can stand up in it. Even with spending a few extra bucks on these items, you can still save a bundle by going with the Creek Company ODC Sport XR pontoon or the Super Sport XR.

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