It's not quite yacht-sized, but at 28 feet, it's as close as you're going to come on the road.
If you still haven't ditched that pile of remote controls in your living room, it's time to get more efficient with the Ray Super Remote. No need to ruin the sleek design of your bike by some Velcro-secured plastic monstrosity of a light.
Airstream‘s trademark aluminum travel trailers are synonymous with adventure, good times, and old fashioned road trips.
The idea behind the Loft started when Christophe Popper began his hunt for the perfect road trip vehicle in 2008. The Loft features mid-century modern interior upgrades, solar power and natural gas, and will be on display at the Prefab Showcase.
Airstream will also be featuring the new Airstream Land Yacht prototype – a high-end, luxury concept camper.
Primary sponsor Hot Purple Energy will also be on-site to install a ground mount system, provide power to the prefabs, and create a stage for solar-powered musicians to perform. Check out Popper’s Airstream Loft, the new Airstream Land Yacht, and other prefab dwellings next month in Palm Springs! The vintage polished aluminum of Airstream Trailers is as recognizable as the curvaceous body of a ‘Vette. What's New, NowToday in Gear: April 21, 2016A small but powerful battery pack, a lightweight Ferrari, oatmeal snack packs and much more. No Revenant Reenactments, HopefullyEssentials for Staying Alive in the WildFighting for your life out in the wilderness is a worst-case scenario for most. More: Outdoors"One of Those Red Italian Things"This 1968 Ferrari Might Sell for $26 Million.
More: On The EdgeBowline to Clove Hitch12 Knots Every Outdoorsman Should KnowOne knot can be the difference between a secure boat, a safe climb, or just the opposite.
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The Airstream Land Yacht ($145,000) was built instead with yacht-like luxury in mind, from the queen-sized bed with built-in night stands to the fully-enclosed bathroom. The Blink Steady Bike Light ($125) is more than capable of keeping you safe while adding to the aesthetic of your cycle. The result is understated luxury, high-quality materials and maximization of a small space. Press a button and the bed will lift up to reveal a hidden storage area, likely filled with bearer bonds, Krugerrands or priceless works of art.
Those same customers would often talk of yachting and boat design, hence the partnership with Micheli, who previously penned for luxury Italian yachtmaker Riva. According to Wheeler, there’s a good chance that many of these will end up as semipermanent outbuildings. A 2013 Flying Cloud that’s also 28 feet goes for around $80,000, and it only has laminate countertops.
After a series of unfortunate events, Popper finally became the proud owner of a 1989 Airstream. The resulting interior is truly yacht-like and incorporates elements from the world’s finest luxury watercraft.
Nowadays, they transport everyone from happy families to celebrities; Felix Baumgartner even holed up in one before his stratospheric leap. That’s a Good ThingThe world's most anachronistic automaker wants to make electric vehicles — here's why it matters to enthusiasts. The nautical influence can be felt with high-luster teak and white wood inlay boat-deck flooring, and other features include sleeping space for up to five, a rear social space with wrap-around windows, a powered bed lift for easier storage access, three power awnings, LED lighting, Corian countertops, and Ultraleather upholstery. It pairs sleek, comfortable hardware with easy-to-use software, saving space and allowing your whole family to share control of connected devices.
The result is a new take on the bike, built from a "sandwich" of two weather-coated frames of plywood, bonded together with "smart cylinders" and designed to be both rugged and good looking. Machined from solid aluminum in Brooklyn, this smart light secures to your seatpost, making theft highly unlikely, and sports an internal accelerometer that turns the LEDs on when you're riding and off when you're not, and makes the choice between a blinking or steady indicator as easy as flipping the unit over.

Similarly, a powered pedestal table moves up and down to free up space for a beach party, and a powered outdoor awning completes the look with minimal effort. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. The concept trailer is crafted with quality materials and equipment throughout, including high-luster teak and white wood inlay boat-deck flooring, LED panel lighting elements, Corian® solid surfaces and plush Ultraleather®.
Previously unchanged in its 82-year history, the newly released Airstream Land Yacht ($140,000) brings a new level of sophistication in materials and design to this classic roving hotel room. We witnessed the beautifully executed result and quickly realized that this yacht might just end up keeping those lovers of the outdoors inside.
And just like a yacht, you might find discovering an appropriate place to park it quite the challenge. Ray takes control through an intelligent setup process more akin to today's best smartphone apps. Thanks to this unique design, the bike comes flat packed with everything you need in the box, including all the tools and the less-than-50 parts. A photosensor senses when it's dark enough to need the light, so you're not burning through unnecessary batteries during the daytime, making this one of the smartest accessories you can bolt on to your bike. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. With the vision of creating a mobile living space, while maintaining a small environmental footprint, the Airstream Loft was born. Choose your hardware setup and services and in just a few minutes you're a tap away from every show and movie on TV, your recorded shows, and your streaming devices.

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