While having a full 9 foot long cabin, the cockpit still remains roomy.There is additional storage space under the rear seat and sunpad. Alabama's Oldest, Professional "Bass Fishing Only" Guide Service For Over 40 Years Fishing all of Alabama's Lakes for all Species of Bass and Striped Bass. Support the Translation of A Small Dose of Toxicology into Arabic!Help us fund this project! There are a variety of toxic materials used by the US military that pose a threat to the health of humans and the environment.
The US Navy and the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) are tasked with the responsibility to dispose of obsolete, aging ships.
Artificial reefs are created when a variety of old hardware is dumped in shallow water, thus creating a reef. Military bases, battlefields, and target ranges are all places that can be a significant health risk.
Ship breaking yards, mostly in southern Asia, had been used to recycle old ships since the 1970s.

Billed as a cheap way of disposal which boosts local economies, Artificial reefs have become popular with local and federal agencies in recent years. How about some new fishing tackle, new rods, new reels, new lines, new hooks, new tackle boxes and a look at some of today’s newest fishing accessories for 2013! RESERVE SALE OR MAKE A DOWN PAYMENT TO HOLD THIS FULL WARRENTY BOAT UNTIL THE 2014 RANGERS COME IN!
Minn Kota 101 pound trust 3-battery trolling motor and Hummingbird side-imaging electronics, all new for 2013! However, revelations about the deadly work conditions of these ship breaking yards, coupled with increasing national security concerns, have prompted the Navy and MARAD to look for alternate ways of disposal. Once on the ocean floor, PCBs, iron, lead paint and anti-fouling pant all can leech into the ocean, fish, and food-chain.
Thousands of tons of equipment has been dumped into the ocean, ranging from tanks to subway cars to tugboats. Huge amounts of Polychlorinated Byphenyls (PCBs) have leeched into the ocean from military gear.

The EPA is aware of the toxic potential of sunken ships, but granted the program a waiver because of cost (it is a cheap way to dispose of ships) and because the environment costs seemed minimal. Hundreds of ships have been sent to the ocean floor, along with thousands of tons of military equipment. Recent studies have shown that there has been a higher environmental cost than anticipated by EPA: PCBs were leeching out of the sunken aircraft carrier Ex-USS ORISKANY at twice the rate modeled by the EPA, and the concentration of PCBs in local fish increased by 1,446%. Artificial reefs can also pose a risk to public health, for PCB, asbestos, iron, lead paint, antifouling paint can leach into the ocean from these reefs. Despite concerns, program continues: 5 ships disposed in 2010, four more are planned to be sunk in 2011.

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