Lost Creek 9ft Pontoon Boat - A perfect combo of size and performance makes this pontoon boat an all-around favorite of anglers.
Lost Creek 9ft Pontoon Boat - A perfect combination of size and performance makes the Outfitter pontoon boat an all-around favorite of anglers. Frame: Full take down, no-tools-required, heavy-duty powder coated steel frame with a folding plastic seat. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy. This 9 foot pontoon boat is very versatile and I would recommend it for anyone interested in buying a pontoon boat.

Longer pontoons accommodate more gear and weight without sacrificing compactness and portability.
Twist these screws tight before each trip (with your hands is fine) because they will have a tendency to come loose with all the movement while you are out. It has aluminum seat bases with 50 oz vinyl seats.This is the best quality little pontoon boats made.
Due to the size (9 feet) it can be taken down rivers or paddled through lakes with confidence. I have been dragging the pontoons through gravel, sticks, and dirt without any worry of tearing through the material.

With the anchor system that is provided you can set up on a lake, without worrying about battling a breeze.

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