Now since 2011 we are answering a new request for a good looking practical boat but with out the many Hi spec Custom Cruiser features. The SHT and Sports Cruiser share some similarities in the roof and cabin construction bringing you the best of both worlds. In 2005 the Market was calling for an up market alloy boat with all the live aboard features to make longer over night stays a comfortable pleasure.
A clever transom door folds down close to water line and enables access to get a big fish on to the wet deck self-draining floor. We are proud to announce the successful launch of Daigle Marine’s biggest, baddest aluminum landing craft to date. Check out our new video of the sea trial for the 38′ Coastal Cruiser which was launched this July, courtesy of Roger McDonell- Ahead of the Parade Productions. This beautiful, custom built 38’ Eaglecraft cruiser has just been launched for our client who is now the proud owner of his 3rd Eaglecraft boat. Powered by twin Volvo D6 370’s; this luxurious cruiser has a comfortable cruising speed of 29 knots with a max speed of 34 knots, and has a fuel range of up to 500 miles. Our skilled technicians and staff are currently hard at work building a similar 38’ for another client. 4 tonne cargo carrying ability, can fit a Toyota Landcruiser on the deck, powered by 2 x 250 hp Suzuki 4 strokes, giving a top speed lightship of 36 knots.2C AMSA survey, Fassi M30 deck crane. Consists of two hulls with 4 watertight compartments in each, 5 bridge deck sections, the aft section has the console, motors electrics & steering all intact, nothing to be disconnected. In Vic survey 2C for 6, 2D for 12 +2, 3 tonne deck cargo, with vessel stability booklet. Pioneer sound system, VHF radio and all safety equipment as required for survey under NSCV.

7.6m V nose punt, new build, in 2D survey (vic) with 115hp Suzuki, 4 stroke with hydraulic steering. Aluminium pods for outboard engine installation, built in dive platforms, steps incorporated. We can also fabricate a complete trailer to fit your existing under carriage (wheels, axles etc). This plate-aluminium battleship is built for long, hard offshore expeditions, at the same time offering a level of comfort in the slop that’s hard to match. I’ve noticed over the years that Kiwis take a real pride in their workmanship, and the White Pointer 750 Sports Hardtop is testimony to that dedication. White Pointer adds that its products are tested in severe New Zealand conditions and I honestly believe every word of it.
Our New Sports Cruiser has a sleek new window system that is as strong as the SHT frameless bonded on system. The look incorporates many curves and rounded edges enhancing a look not unlike similar fibre glass boats but with the ruggedness of an alloy boat in the cockpit battle station. It incorporates an easy access walk-around engine station with no obstacles on the floor to step over or trip on when engaged in a battle with a fighting fish.
Meet Eagle 44, a 31′ 12 passenger EagleCraft, powered with a Volvo D9-500 (500HP diesel) and driven by an Arneson ASD10 surface drive. The Port of Nanaimo sees a considerable amount of ship traffic on a daily basis, including cruise ships using their new terminal. At 46’ and powered by twin Volvo Penta D6 330HP turbo diesels, the ‘Sugloo’ can cruise comfortably at 22 knots (empty) and has a load capacity of approximately 20,000 lbs. This particular vessel features a quarter berth, custom made island bed, and separate head and shower units.

Anchor winch, Battery system includes 3 way dual crank batteries, independent house battery system including on board inverter & ship to shore power supply. Built using marine grade 5083 plate, full transverse frames – not just pressing sheets. Boaties that want a no nonsence tough Alloy Hard Top with a shape that can deal with the harsh coastal conditions off the East Coast and around New Zealand. Ventilation and vision can be a problem with some hardtops, but the big side-windows on this White Pointer allow plenty of air in, and you can stick your head out for night vision. This has kept us busy as it was just the right mix for a practical good looking all rounder.
Every EagleCraft manufactured here in Campbell River is built to withstand the tough conditions faced on the West coast. We have for over 20 years been developing this model into a good looking recreational boat that hails from commercials beginnings that does its talking on the water.
This vessel, however, is on its way to its new Arctic home in Inuvik, NWT, where it will be operated by Sugloo Marine Services. The ‘Sugloo’ will be used to transport supplies and cargo to remote and otherwise isolated Arctic communities along the MacKenzie River and the Beaufort Sea, such as Tuktoyaktuk.

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