The catamaran design has been praised for years for its inherent stability, seaworthiness and efficiency.
Those people looking for a 16- or 18-foot fishing boat or runabout would do well to check out the Sun Cat before making their decision. North Carolina Sportsman is the information guide for North Carolina's most active hunters and fishermen.
From Coast Guard approved repairs to custom boat building, Baseyard Marine is the #1 choice for quality aluminum fabrication and welding.
Over the years, Baseyard Marine has developed the reputation for providing quality work done in a timely manor, providing the best value to our customers.A CEO Ermin Fergerstrom is considered to be the most highly regarded expert in Coast Guard Certified, metal boat repairs in and around Hawaii. We're sorry, but the ad you are looking for has been removed by moderators or no longer exists.

Building it from aluminum brings those qualities to boaters and fishermen in a lightweight form that can be towed by nearly any vehicle. The lighter weight of aluminum allows spirited performance with lower horsepower outboards. This list will change from time to time and we will update it as our stock of used vessels changes. A With over 20 years of experience in our field, you can count on us to deliver on our promise to you. We regularly do repairs on all the major Hawaiian Islands and have traveled as far as Korror Palau to repair a ship. We also have multiple units of all the equipment we use, so our projects never get held up by equipment failure.

With the recommended 50 horsepower outboard, the Sun Cat 16 easily cruises at 25 to 27 miles per hour, with a top speed surpassing 30, with relatively good fuel mileage. A rear platform with a pedestal fishing seat is standard and a seat base at the bow will accommodate an additional pedestal seat.
When you choose Baseyard Marine for your next repair project, you are making a wise investment in your vessel and your companya€™s future.
From 16 feet to 65 feet, your Pohaku Boat hull will provide decades of reliable service and satisfaction.

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