Location: WA 10'-12' aluminum outboard skiff I'm looking for plans and CAD cutting files for a small runabout. There are most likely very few plans or outline shape files for this size because of two market forces.
So one reason that smaller thin skinned skiffs aren't as likely to be available is that the people who design and build them aren't in the business of explaining to others how they make that product. The other reason I think there are few plans available for this size is the lack of welder who want to build very thin hulls.
So the next reason I believe there are few small skiffs offered is that the skill level needed to effectively weld thin alloy reduces the number of possible sales for this plans package.
I'm assuming that a one-off skiff would be welded (?) but you may plan to rivet (?); in any event, there are few of ANY aluminum plans available let alone smaller and thinner scantling skiffs. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to NC cutting affordably but the day or so it took to cut the skiff with power tools wasn't much of a slow down considering the layout was generated by the software not a plate model.

Location: WA Kmorin, thanks~ I'm downloading Deftship even as I type this! This extremely critical balance of variables becomes more and more exact as the weld size and parent metal get smaller.
While not [absolutely] true, this represents the widely held conventional wisdom on the subject. The real challenge is to keep the final boat hull's panels 'clean' ,fair, and smooth after they are welded. I've attached photos of a 17' gunning dory that has a 3" hollow [flotation] bottom and hollow double wall 'ends' and only weighs 155lb.
Location: WA I posted my initial inquiry after seriously considering building exactly this boat. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

CANADA Up here in CANADA, we consider this about the lightest boat a man would handle. CANADA It could be built in .100 gauge, although I would prefer pulse mig for that thin. I know you are right about the thicknesses; I may abandon this and build a slightly larger skiff but I'll explore Delftship a bit first.

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