Fishing boat dealers are located throughout Tennessee with many of the larger dealers nearby major metropolitan areas like Covington, Germantown, Jackson, Lawrenceburg, Memphis, Athens, Fayetteville, Maryville, Sevierville, Tullahoma, Clarksville, Dyersburg, Martin, Nashville, Union City, Clinton, Cookeville, Johnson City, Kingsport and Knoxville. If you like to fish in TN, many of these fishing boat dealers also carry an excellent selection of fishing tackle. Tennessee fishing boat and bass boat dealers are often a resource for information on local fishing events. Manufacturers of boats and boating products in Tennessee include Norris Craft Boats and others.
Fishing boats come in a variety of configurations including family fishing boats, pontoon boats, center console boats, bay boats, skiff boats, aluminum fishing boats, bass boats, inflatables, jon boats, canoes, kayaks, car toppers, electric boats and fish-and-ski models. Each Great Lakes Trailer is heavily customized for your boat, to ensure a perfect fit, the best loading trailer you will ever  own. Distributor All Lines Of Venture Boat Trailers (Boat Trailer National Sales ) mention this ad for when contacting us!!! We  Sell the boat trailers you always dreamed about, Just let us know your boat specifications and we will quote you the correct trailer needed. Contact us let us know how we can help you we are here to help you not here to pirate your money, so please look into our site. June 25, 2015 By Trailer Man Leave a Comment Since 1980, Great Lakes Trailers have been designed and built with care to make them the finest aluminum boat trailers on the market. Always striving for improvement, we are constantly refining and improving our trailers to meet the changing demands of industry.
Please Check our blog out regularly to see monthly sales and specials as well as any other info you need to know about Great Lakes Aluminum Trailers. We know details make the difference.  That’s why each boat trailer we build is manufactured with a specific boat and customer in mind. Aluminum has many advantages over steel for boat trailers, and Great Lakes Trailers uses marine grade aluminum components to the fullest advantages. You can't beat an Aluminum Fishing Boat so check out our range of used 16 PRO WELD JON BOAT 40 HP JOHNSON MOTOR TRAILER SS PROP, 12 VOLT TROLLING MOTOR Since 1948, Hewescraft has been the premier aluminum boat manufacturer in the western United States.
Celebrating a 65 year tradition of high quality fishing boats, our aluminum boats are packages that include everything you need to outfit your family's new fishing boat. SOLD 1995 Fisher Hawk V3, Welded Aluminum Bass boat, $2000 This little boat has the most bracing in the hull that I have ever seen on something this size Wood free construction and welded all aluminum hull and deck ensure that this boat will Check out the 16 Storm PF today online Trolling Motor Harness (12 Volt 8 Gauge 16' Aluminum boat and trailer with no motor.
Multiple decking options are available for you to choose from and you can customize your dock system surface to compliment your lifestyle and shoreline. FLOE has a variety of standard components from which you can pick and choose to design your system.
Aluma-Grain™ Dock DeckingCutting edge paint application technology has allowed us to create a maintenance free aluminum decking with the look of real wood.
Carpet Dock DeckingPlush marine grade carpet is an excellent choice if you want the ultimate in long lasting quiet, comfort and great looks. Brackets with hardware, quick-connects™, standard pipe and pipe pads are also available for maximum economy. 6 Reasons why more people buy FLOE modular roll-in aluminum boat docks than any other in the world! Effortlessly level each dock section independently from the top with a cordless drill or FLOE’s leveling tool. Disconnected dock sections can be moved independently to make installation and removal easy. Shore End RampsAdjustable, pivoting shore-end ramps give you the ultimate approach and additional length for less money.

Truss Style RampsProvides the flexibility of a shore end ramp with the look of a dock section. Roll-in Dock sections are safer because they are more stable with double bracing on each wheel kit.
More rigid and durable than other lake docks that use vertical non-braced pipes especially when transporting over rough terrain. Do you have frequent or major water depth fluctuation?A floating dock is always self-leveling so you avoid the time and work associated with raising and lowering a free-standing dock. Do you have water depths that exceed 8 feet?Free-standing docks can get unstable in deeper water, while a floating system maintains its stability. Do you have an unusually soft lake bottom?Free-standing docks can need constant adjusting and leveling due to non-stop settling. The patented heavy duty outer frame also incorporates a track system on the underside, which allows you to bolt on floats, wheel kits or anchoring systems where you want them. FLOE’s modular engineering allows you to simply configure sections and add components where and when you want them, without any welding or drilling. Shallow water anchoring solutionsFor water depths under 10’, FLOE offers an aluminum guide-pole and mounting bracket system for securing and stabilizing the dock sections. Deep water anchoring solutionsFor water depths greater than 10’, pilings and custom piling loops can be used to secure the sections, or an appropriate cable and anchor system can be designed. NOTE: Floating dock capacities reflect buoyancy with weight evenly distributed over floating dock section.
DOCK ACCESSORIES Our quality dock sections provide the base for a great dock system, but options and accessories make it yours. BENCHES Our lightweight, durable bench construction allows for easy installation almost anywhere on your dock.
DELUXE STAIR SYSTEMSFeaturing all-aluminum framework, extruded aluminum steps and adjustable corner legs, this system installs easily anywhere on your dock.
Self-Leveling Stair Systems This self leveling stair system attaches to your dock and moves and adjusts with rising and falling water. WHEEL KITS Our wheel kits are built around rotomolded polyethylene wheels, providing both maximum strength and zero maintenance requirements. SELF-LEVELING SYSTEMS Now changing an existing dock from poles to a Self-Leveling System requires no additional hardware. Other fishing boat dealers can also be found near lakes and along rivers throughout rural Tennessee. Look for a basic jon boat, an aluminum fishing boat, a combination fish and ski boat, a sophisticated bass boat or coastal fishing boats with help from these local dealers. You are apt to find a good selection of rods, reels, line, lures, and an assortment of fishing-related boat accessories. They are likely to have schedules and contact information for fishing tournament organizations, as well as event results. You can also acquire a fishing licence for Tennessee at many of these dealers or by visiting the Tennessee fishing licencing website. Some of the larger lakes and rivers include Cherokee Lake, Mississippi River, Obion River, Dale Hollow Lake, Douglas Lake, Clinch Creek, Hull Lake, Norris Lake, J Percy Priest Lake, Holston River, Hatchie River, Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, Old Hickory Lake, Reelfoot Lake, Billy Branch Lake, Chickamauga Lake, Nickajack Lake, Tellico Lake, Watts Bar Lake, Cedar Lake , Dogwood Lake, Wolf River, Elk River, Pinoak Lake, Hiwassee River, Sycamore Lake and Tims Ford Lake. Each model is manufactured in our modern facilities to exacting standards that assure long-lasting service and value. Select a welded-on aluminum deck in either grey or aluma-grain finishes with long-lasting baked-on anti-slip paint finish. This patented powder coating process combines the aesthetics of real wood with all of the great features of our standard aluminum decking.

The mud wheel should only be used in dense mud applications where the anticipated settling will be more than 4″.
It provides a solid, stable base for the walking surface and is supported by foam filled, rotationally molded floats.
Choose any number of our available add-ons and watch the utility of your dock grow by leaps and bounds. Combining aluminum framework with top-quality cedar planking, these benches will look and perform great for years to come. Designed to bolt anywhere on your dock, these products greatly increase the versatility of your dock system. With a finished look you won’t find from competitive products, our stair system upgrades the versatility of your dock system and the appearance of your shoreline. Our engineering specialists use the latest in computer systems and software to aid in product design.
With a Great Lakes Trailers aluminum boat trailer there is no more painting, no more frustration with incandescent lighting, no more worry about cracked welds or a rusted-out frame.  Our boat trailers are designed to make time for you to do what you should be doing…boating. Decking panels are supported on all four sides.We can also set you up with accessories such as wheel kits, deluxe stair systems, ladders, benches, Pwc lifts, boat lifts, canopies,cleats,lights,and kayak racks. The light-grey hue and open, ribbed underside allows air to move freely and cool the dock surface. Works best in firm to moderately soft applications where the anticipated settling will be no greater than 6″ into dense mud. Accessories include ladders, benches, wheel kits, stairs, self-leveling systems, dock cleats, kayak racks and more! Built standard with extruded aluminum steps and rubberized grip zones, our ladders will keep you sure-footed getting in or out of the water.
With our signature cable-and-pulley winch system, lifting your PWC out of the water is almost effortless. This user-friendly upgrade makes leveling your dock a one man job, and keeps you dry during the process.
As a result, they are quite often aware of local fishing conditions at fisheries in the area. Montgomery Bell State Park, Paris Landing State Park, Reelfoot Lake State Park, Panther Creek State Park, Standing Stone State Park, Warriors' Path State Park, Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, Mousetail Landing State Park, Natchez Trace State Park, Harrison Bay State Park, Rock Island State Park and Tims Ford State Park are options to consider when planning your next fishing and camping excursion. Modern manufacturing techniques and our state-of-the-art factory assure you a boat trailer built to fit your needs. Aluminum wheel kits on each section also assist in keeping the deck cool by conducting and transferring the water temperature to the deck. FLOE floats are filled with steamed polystyrene foam for added strength and reduced water absorption. With a few quick turns, the adjustable legs extend or retract to bring your dock to the perfect height.
FLOE dock floats are backed by an industry leading full 15 Year Limited Warranty, which meets and exceeds USACOE specifications!
Before heading out on your next fishing trip, stop by and get valuable information about how the fish are being caught on the water you plan to fish.

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