700 Kevlar ™ reinforced epoxy paste pigmented with a rust colored powder pigment for easy viewing).
Then I filled the 'hole' in, around, over, and under the wood insert mentioned above with the thickened epoxy.
Next I draped plastic over the messy epoxy and smoothed it all out with my hand through the plastic. When you purchase your boat you will more than likely be renting a spot in the marina to store your boat when you're not using it.

Metal boats such as aluminum boats, as compared to fiberglass boats are much lighter, stronger and power efficient. Call it 'distributor pricing for everyone' or ' half price' epoxy - whatever floats your boat! Though you may have to invest more in building an aluminum boat, you can recover this initial cost through the lifetime of the boat. Thousands of aluminium boat owners are not aware of how important it is to ensure their hulls are checked and maintained regularly.

You can make great savings in the long run on towing, fuel, general maintenance and repairs. Many professional painters recommend thinning the primer so that it can more easily work its way into the microscopic scratches on the boat.

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