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Manitou Boats offers leisure pontoon boats that allow you to design a floor plan for your own lifestyle, performance boats designed for extreme fun on the water, and luxury pontoon boats that offer an abundance of amenities. Bullet Boats Bill Hill Owner and Performance Marine’s Mike Whitaker Team up in 2008 to start the process of designing a Performance Flats Boat for tournament anglers. High impact marine-grade alloy aluminum stronger and lighter than conventional fiberglass boats. Armstrong boats are constructed with precise attention to detail by certified welders and craftsmen. Every boat is subjected to rigorous hull testing to ensure Armstrong boats will outlast any vessel on the market today.
The second in a three-part series in which we take a used aluminum boat and be sitting very high and would be put to the test when driving the boat.

View their Catfishing Boats, Welded Jon Boats for sale, Striper Boats, Bow Fishing Boats for sale, and many more Boats. The Lake and Bay Boca Grande 21 Flats boat is the ultimate in flats boats technology for a larger flats skiff.
The boat evolved from the Bullet 21 XRD Pad was stretched 22′ long and widend to 8 ft. Other than that, take a look also all their list of Powerboats, Ski Boats, Cruising Boats, Fishing Boats, and many more. Built in a side console design with capabilities to have a guide chair mounted next to the console makes tons more room for more anglers to fit. The Livwell system is very unique with 2 livewells or release wells in the center of the boat so the weight of the sloshing water will not kilter the boat side to side. 2 Large carpeted rod lockers to hold any length of rod and you can definitely fit more than you need in these lockable boxes.

Unique designed under seat storage for cast and landing nets to keep everything you bring out of site and out of the way when angling. Console layout in a flats boat is very crucial and this one is one of the best layed out and looking. Most well thought out flats boats look like the console was an after though but not in the Bullet 22 SF.
Foam padding hatch seals under each hatch to ensure every compartment is as dry as you can make it on a boat designed for extreme back country fishing. Superior hull design often tried by other competitors that cannot even come close to the dry and magic carpet like ride the Lake and Bay Boats has instilled in all their hulls.

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