That may sound harsh, but it's exactly what Kevin Turner tells anyone who climbs into his jet boat to go smallmouth fishing. The Near Perfect Option For Shallow Water Rivers, Jet Boats For The Catfish Crowd - by Steve Hoffman I CAN’T IMAGINE A BETTER SPOKESMAN FOR JET boats than Kevin Turner. Conservation Officer Randy Posner, left, takes delivery of the Minnesota DNR's first RiverPro jet boat from Kevin Turner of RiverPro.
Also, how bad is it to own what would basically be an "orphan" boat with no even regional dealer support? I had to purchase my Hewescraft from International Falls, MN because there is only two dealers in the Midwest.
I don't like the wooden floors, but in freshwater they should hold up at least 10 years before they need to be replaced. The owner murdered his girlfriend in front of a couple of police officers not too far from where I keep my boat. Like any light, aluminum boat, they pound pretty hard in chop, but they are great flatwater or river boats. One other thing to watch if used in salt water, if they still install carpet up the interior sides, that can hold salt and may increase your corrosion.

Turner is owner of River Pro Jet Boats and one of the most dedicated river anglers you'll ever encounter.
He ran a flotilla of jets on shallow, rocky rivers from Minnesota to Alabama for almost two decades before he decided to design & build his own. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
My manufacturer worked with me, and told if anything went wrong, they'd considered any warranty repair locally here provided I get a few bids for any repair that needed to be done on the boat. And, I didn't care for the 'kicker Motor' bracket on the back on the North River and NJB's. But since you are sitting right above the point where the hull hits the waves and you can't run the boat standing up, the suspension seats are a must have addition.
Folks typically use Little Buddy gas heaters in them during the winter and they are warm as toast even without a drop curtain.
Frustrated by the limited access of prop-driven boats to his favorite shallow-water hotspots, as well as the inefficient performance of outboard jet drive motors, he was compelled to design a specialized river fishing boat, powered by a more reliable jet propulsion system. I have a buddy that owns this same boat in a 21' Great hull and can handle snotty stuff on large lakes.

Sometimes I can't get the boat in the water because people are so intrigued and have never seen a North West style boat! Also, at the time that I purchased my boat, North River was going out of business, or some internal problems at the company made for an uncertain future. However, the most important thing IMO, is a local Yamaha (motor) dealer for servicing your motor!! This spring the Minnesota DNR at Brainerd took delivery of a new RiverPro jet boat to be used in river patrol dutie..
I'm sure if there is a dealer in OH there are others, sure probably few but they are out there. Not a big issue, as the F150 is plenty, but I like to go fast, and for the additional dollars I couldn't justify the small gain in h.p. On a flip note: if the NR or NJB didn't have a funky kicker motor bracket on the back (more integrated), I would of most likely picked the NJB.

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