The 23rd Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show will be held at Bass Lake on Saturday, May 18, 2013. The show takes place on the docks in front of Ducey’s On The Lake in the Pines Village on the North Shore of Bass Lake. Bring your old eyeglasses, cell phones and hearing aids for recycling and get 2 free raffle tickets for the mega drawing. Designed by famed naval architect Ted Geary this boat was built by the Lake Union Dry Dock and Machine Works of Seattle, WA, in 1930. Min and Bill's Dockside Diner at Antique Boat at Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Orlando Resort, Florida, USA.
This Wooden Whitewashed Marblehead Decorative Crew Rowing Oar 62" offers a sleek design and gives the perfect nautical flair to any room. Look at our other wooden boats oars we offer such as: University Rowing Oars, Yacht Club Oars, Rowing Club Oars, Collegiate Oars, Rustic Oars and Decorative Oars and paddles.
This Wooden Independence Squared Rowing Oar 62" is the perfect classic wood paddle to display proudly on your wall.

Look at our other wooden boat oars we offer such as: University Rowing Oars, Yacht Club Oars, Rowing Club Oars, Collegiate Oars, Rustic Oars and Decorative Oars and paddles. Sponsored by the Bass Lake Lions Club and Bass Lake Boat Rentals, the show will feature over 50 of the finest preserved and restored watercraft to be found on the West Coast.
We have over 100 antique categories, including antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique toys, Asian antiques and many, many more!
Breathing with the atmosphere of the sea, this nautical oar exudes the freedom found on the open ocean, and the warm competitive spirit of racing. This wood finish is complimented quite well with the red,white, and blue stripes painted on the scupper. The show is the annual rendezvous for the Southern and Northern California Chapters of the Antique and Classic Boat Society of America and promises to be one of the largest of the season in California. Our vessels are located in private marinas and in most cases are only accessible by our brokers.
Enjoy the warm nautical style of this wooden oar indoors or out, and place it with pride.

Admission fee to see the boats is $5.00 per person (children under 10 free) with proceeds going toward sight preservation and other community projects supported by the Bass Lake Lions, including a camp for sight and hearing impaired children. With hooks provided on the back of this oar for simple placement and mounting, enjoy the competitive nautical style of this squared oar indoors or out. She was originally built and launched at their famous yard on the shores of Seattles Lake Union. The Lake Unions were built by the outstanding Pacific Northwest craftsmen of the period to withstand the rigors of the northern waters and out of woods so fine that they are simply no longer available; in general, these boats tend to be more robust, and of heavier scantlings than most classics. We consider her to be an exceptional buy in an Antique Cruiser and a highly desirable yacht, as well as being a Pacific Northwest and West Coast Treasure.

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