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The guy I built this boat for finally got the motor hung on it, got some insurance on it and just sent me a text and some pictures that he finally ran the boat this morning. I'm getting ready to build a new house as soon as hunting season is over, so probably won't be building any boats tis summer. We welded the metal framed cart for the cap mold, re supported the mold and placed a 3000lb cable winch in the ceiling for tilting the hull. This is a great hull for the west coast of florida and I am looking forward to seeing the first ones come together. From what I have heard they popped it out of the mold and getting ready to start the rigging process. If you are considering a new boat or need work on your current boat, why not put our 25 years of experience to work for you.

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We purchased the original Trevco molds and have spent the last week or so working on the mold supports, buffing and now final waxing of the molds in preparation for the lamination to begin. We already have patterns for all the hull and cap laminates as well as our lamination schedule. These will run great with a Zuke 140 or a 150 anything more in our opinion is wasted weight and money for the small amount of over all speed. We also built a roller system for the mold so we can get her more vertical for easier lamination.
She floats in 10-12 inches of water and with a porta bracket run skinny and between the ring cap at the widest point is approx 7.5ft.
We also hope to utilize areas under the deck for storage and as of now we are thinking a 65 or 75 gallon tank.

It will take some time and layout before we have a true liner mold but we will get there, maybe after a few builds. I know the original builder and do not want this to be a bashing thread or anything like that.
If you have followed my other builds you can see we like to keep it clean and as drama free as possible.
After the hull is laminated we will be making a stringer mold and as of now intend on bonding that in the boat with a methacrylate adhesive and foam filling.

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