Our celebrity Judge was a movie star at 6 years old, went into a career at IBM and has been building boats and models for the last 20 years. An architect by profession and marine architect by passion, “B” has been a strong supporter, and is the designer of the boats used for the Challenge, including the Carolina Bateau currently being used for the competition. John has an industrious history as a boat captain and local builder, professing the religion of sailing and getting kids and adults back outdoors.
Sponsors not only make the Challenge possible, they also help create scholarships for students interested in studying marine occupations at two of our regional community colleges and at three local high shools. The Mohring Group is a global supplier of hardwood products, and together, their resources and international connections, make it possible for you to order virtually any hardwood product you can imagine. A large variety of structural marine lumber and plywood, hardwood lumber and plywood, domestic and exotic veneers and edge banding are available to boat builders, contractors, and the general public.

Please note that for liability insurance reasons and spectator safety, table saws (of any size) are no longer allowed in the competition. All plans and building materials will be supplied by the National BoatBuilding Challenge Committee. The oars must be MADE by the team (not purchased); however, they should be made ahead of time. A team is permitted to be coached verbally, but the coach cannot physically assist the team in any way.
The fee to reserve a workspace for the competition and receive the boat plans is $100.00 payable to the NCBBHF (the North Carolina Boat Building Heritage Foundation). Each team will be awarded points for their standing against other teams and the lowest score wins.

Each team’s boat will be evaluated by our judges taking into account adherence to the plans, the general appearance of the boat and the overall quality of workmanship. This is AV Mill Outlet’s fifth year of donating all the wood building materials (a very generous donation!) for the Challenge competition. One set of 2-inch diameter oar locks and oar sockets will be supplied and are to be installed before the team has blown the whistle to signal completion of the boat.

Old wooden boat building
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