Built in 2000 by Dick Ward of Cairns Boat Builders in Cairns, she is the latest in a long line of famous boats including, the original Kanahoee, the new Kanahoee, and TRADITION CHARTERS latest boat, built as Desperado. Captain Tim Richardsons’ passion for purpose built custom boats, has led him to now own this beautiful game fishing boat.
Australian owned and operated, Cairns based leading boat manufacturer - we even make boat trailers! Since 1998 Hooker Boats has earned a reputation for building fiberglass vessels that are designed and engineered for particular sea and weather conditions.
The hand-crafted Hooker Boats range includes Tiller steer, Cabin and Console Boats, in addition to the Scorpion Ski and 680 Bow Rider. HOOKER BOATSA have just completed a new 5.5mtr Pro Fisherman model and the performance is what was to be expected, awesome.
With Drum winches becoming more and more popular, Hooker Boats went in search of a good quality drum winch and now use the Lone Star Winches. Tragic Update:On Sunday November 28, 2010 disaster unfolded at the Cairns Boat Builders premises. No injuries were sustained by anyone and I want to acknowledge the Cairns Fire Service for their fine actions in managing to contain the fire to a relatively small area amidst highly flammable containers of Acetone and other volatile liquids being present. The project to build a special commemorative edition trailer sailer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of trailer sailers in Australia was a truly wonderful one.

I have made the decision that the realising of a dream to produce a special edition of the quintessential classic Hartley TS21 to commemorate 50 years of the 'trailer sailer' in Australia will NOT be snuffed out like this. We are indeed extremely fortunate that a company of the calibre of Cairns Boat Builders is constructing the 50th anniversary commemorative Hartley TS21 Trailer Sailer. Recent vessels built by Cairns BoatbuildersCairns Boatbuilders will consider a construction proposal for any size and type of vessel which leads me to believe that future Hartley trailer sailers or similar small yachts may not be out of the question. This exceptional vessel has had one owner and has been fastidiously maintained and serviced by a professional skipper and appropriate tradesmen. Powered by dual Cummins 580hp QSM-11 main engines and with accommodation consisting of a private stateroom with a queen-size bed & en-suite plus V berth with 4 bunks. You will go a long way to find a better built more practical vessel for extended expeditions or quick day trips.
Tradition is kept in the finest condition of any boat in the country by Capt Tim and his professional crew. Our range of aluminium boats are locally designed and built to meet our unique environment.
They are renowned for designing high quality, robust and comfortable fishing and leisure vessels.
With safety a number one priority, the team at Hooker Boats have tried, tested and refined their boating designs, integrating new technologies and processes to enhance their already high manufacturing standards.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of materials and equipment not in view in the above photo were saved by their actions.
The extraordinary care and attention to detail afforded her in her construction by Dick Ward of Cairns Boat Builders and the love being built in by those of us who also helped out along the way is very hard to describe. It is a difficult time for quite a number of people and a grossly unpleasant task just to type this announcement - but done so as a courtesy update for the many people all over Australia who are keenly following the progress of this great little project. Luxury custom sport boat construction and repair is what Cairns Boat Builders is all about.
I have stayed at the marina on 2 occasions and had dealings with them on 3 other, he seems to have no interest in helping cruising yachts even though his business and the community at large benefit tremendously from our visits with lots of money spent.
BME NQ specialise in marine aluminium fabrication and commercial vessel refits and repairs. This fool needs to travel overseas and see how people welcome their guests, how they even go out of their way to assist them, which only benefits both.On the positive side, there is a new marina planned for Bundaberg, maybe then, with some competition the owners may be forced to replace their manager with a people friendly manager!

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