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Our Wide Beam and Dutch Barge style boats come in a number of styles, from hydraulic to conventional tiller.
In addition to building complete narrowboat shells, we offer a comprehensive range of fabrication services to boat owners. We are steel shell builders with a growing reputation for building quality steel narrowboat frames and wide beam shells. Soar Valley Steel Boats offers a friendly and personal service, with each narrowboat shell individually crafted to the customera€™s requirements. All our shells are high in quality and style, with many additional features included as standard. To strengthen our contacts with Viking groups, craft workers, traditional boat builders as preparation of Loch Fyne Viking Festival 2017. To bring Freydis, Tarbert's longship, to Norway to attend Tonsberg Viking Festival in preparation of Loch Fyne Viking Festival 2017. Freydis, Tarbert's longship was built in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Scotland by volunteers in 2014 to re-enact King Magnus Barfot's longship portage from West Loch Tarbert to East Loch Tarbert as part of Loch Fyne Viking Festival.
We anticipate to cross the North Sea with a total crew of 8 with different nationalities (British, Dutch, Swiss and Danish) on two support vessels, Mallemok and St. The current passage plan allows for visits to several places in Scotland and harbour towns along the Norwegian south coast.
We will be leaving from Tarbert to sail to Ardrishaig, go through the Crinan Canal and then continue to Corpach, where we will enter the Caledonian Canal. We will start our 300 Nm North Sea crossing on Monday 24 August and plan to arrive in Mandal on Thursday 27 August during the day.
We aim to stop at Kristiansand, Lillesand, Grimstad, Arendal, Tvedestrand, Risor, Kragero, Stavern. We are 6 friends from different professional backgrounds who enjoy being involved in and helping with community events. Freydis is a 40 ft replica longship built in Tarbert between January and May 2014 by Phil Robertson with the help of volunteers. Currently we have about 75% of our budget available through considerable support of Burghead Viking event organisers, Heart of Argyll Tourism Association and Scottish Canals.
At **Trident** we manufacture twelve standard size vessels ranging from 25 to 65 feet in length.

What started as a fun family project trying to design the “perfect” boat ended with the forming of North Pacific Yachts in January 2004 when the first NP43 arrived in Seattle for the Boats Afloat Show. Mirage Manufacturing is pleased to announce to our loyal customers and readers the launch of our new Great Harbour Trawlers web site.
If you need aluminum welded, boat trailers, docks any marine welding I offer mobile welding services in the Panhandle of Florida.
Our Utility Work Boats custom built to your specs, Push boats, transport or material barge, Heavy duty 100% polymer, that is lighter than conventional work boats. Fortier Boats, a local, family owned and operated business, is one of the premier boat builders in the Northeast. Acadia 25 - Lobster boat design refined into a modern pleasure boat with all the best qualities of the old and the new. The Albury family has been building boats in Man O’War Cay, Abaco, for many generations, including their famous smacks, sloops and schooners.
Each **Boggy Creek Skiff** is custom built, one at a time, to fit the needs and usage of its owner. DURA POLY BOATS MAINTENANCE FREE ALL POLYMER (PLASTIC) CUSTOM UTILTY WORK BOATS: Our Utility Work Boats custom built to your specs, Push boats, transport or material barge, Heavy duty 100% polymer, that is lighter than conventional work boats. Has long been known for manufacturing quality yachts that meet the changing requirements of today's yachting market. Our **Utility Work Boats** custom built to your specs, Push boats, transport or material barge, Heavy duty 100% polymer, that is lighter than conventional work boats.
I can recall watching them build fishing boats in a place very near to my house at 1, High Street. Having previously been based in Chesterfield, we moved to Redhill Marina near Nottingham in 2008.
We pride ourselves on our customer service, quality of workmanship and attention to detail. In preparation for a more extensive Loch Fyne Viking Festival in 2017, with guests anticipated to come from Norway, Sweden and Brittany, we accepted an invitation to bring our longship to Tonsberg's Viking Festival (9-13 September 2015). We will make use of this opportunity to invite local residents to be informed about Loch Fyne, Kintyre and Argyll and share some of our local produce. After passing through the Caledonian Canal we will sail to Burghead to attend the Burghead Viking Event. We will arrive in each of these harbours in the afternoon and leave the next morning or stay an extra day depending on our progress.
Since her launch in June 2014 during the first Loch Fyne Viking Festival Freydis has attended Largs Viking Festival 2014, Loch Fyne Viking Festival 2015 and will attend Burghead Viking Festival 2015, Tonsberg Viking Festival and Thurso Viking Festival 2016. Her iron hull dates from 1903 and in 1935 with a reinforced hull she worked as a steam tug and icebreaker for the Royal Dutch Navy. Claire is a 17 m wooden ringnet fishing boat built in Fairlie 1948 and converted to a home in the mid-nineties. The support vessels and their skippers are made available for free and the crew pay for the food and drink themselves.

Trident utilizes in-house state of the art engineering and computer assisted design to manufacture a wide variety of very unique specialty boats to meet our customers particular needs.
Island Hopper, Sea Hawk and Pro, three of the greatest names in the commercial boat industry joined together at last. Lee Shore Boats is a premier aluminum boat builder producing many types of aluminum boats over 30 years in the Pacific Northwest. We test our designs, our materials, and our workmanship in the toughest testing laboratory in the world - Tournament fishing.
My shop is located in Ponce de Leon, Florida or I service Bay, Walton, Okaloosa, Holmes, Walton, Washington and Gulf Counties with mobile welding. Using the well-proven Eldridge-McInnis design, we have been building semi-custom boats for over three decades. Since 1952, Willard Albury, first with his father and brother, now with his sons Don and Jamie, have produced sea kindly outboard runabouts & skiffs.
Another way you can help to support the Forum is to purchase custom designed gifts from the Forum's Ships' Store, or shop for items in the Forum's Amazon Store. Our marina-based premises is centrally located within the UK, close to Junction 24 on the M1 near the East Midlands Parkway Railway Station.
We maintain our high standards below the waterline, with all welds tested for leaks using dye penetrant.
We aim to strenghten our contacts with Viking groups, Viking craft workers, traditional boat builders and start preparations for the Loch Fyne Viking Festival in the summer of 2017. We also organise these events because of the fun we have in creating, preparing and running them.
We also have a New Feature - Search the Forum's Amazon Associate without leaving the Forum's Site. We are situated in the heart of the waterway system, with the River Trent and The Trent and Mersey Canal to the north, and with the Grand Union Canal to the south. On the way to Tonsberg we will stop at Burghead to attend the Burghead Viking Event (22-23 August). We're always proud to see how a small rural community can come together to create a big event that attracts thousands of visitors. We recently had to spend a lot more money to alter the longship sail than orginally suggested. We want to recover the excess as soon as possible to realise this trip that will help organise a bigger and better Loch Fyne Viking Festival in 2017 and promote Argyll along our route in Scotland and in Norway.

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