An American Red Cross volunteer of more than 26 years has received Citizen Honors from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society in Arlington, Virginia. She said she was humbled to be a finalist for recognition and that she still couldn’t believe she was selected. Having something to think about beyond one’s self is what keeps Hadbavny inspired, she said. The 69-year-old West Ashley resident currently volunteers for the Red Cross in Charleston’s armed forces and international services. She said the little-known service is about making sure military families know where to turn in times of crisis.
Hadbavny, who served as a Reserve flight nurse for 28 years, said that before becoming a volunteer she was a Red Cross blood donor for several years.

When not volunteering, Hadbavny said she and her supportive husband enjoy alpine skiing, travel and visiting with family.
Of all the volunteer opportunities in the community, Hadbavny said she is partial to the Red Cross because of the variety of services it provides. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of Terms of Use, Parental Consent Form, and Privacy Policy. A 56-year-old West Ashley woman who was reported missing has been found, according to police. She is battling her third recurrence of oral cancer but continues volunteering to make a difference. She is the regional nurse leader and oversees emergency communications and conducts family follow-ups and presentations for active-duty, Reserve and National Guard units as they deploy or return from deployments.

They are both involved in veterans activities, and Hadbavny also works with the Society of Air Force Nurses, VFW and the Aerospace Medical Association. An Albin Sailboats is built without compromise and known throughout the world as seaworthy vessels designed in the North Sea to handle the roughest waters. The Albin Sailboat name is synonymous with hand-crafted, customized yachts of quality, with timeless lines and traditional design. If you want outstanding accommodations for your sailing family, Albin Marine has the perfect sailboat to suit both your maritime needs and your individual on the water life style.

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