The town of Richmond is in the only borough to straddle both the north and south sides of the River Thames in London.
Close to Richmond Bridge (pictured below), built between 1774 and 1777, there are a number of restaurants and bars which have taken advantage of the riverside location.
The Great River Race (pictured below) that passes through Richmond, is London’s 21 mile river marathon starting in Docklands and finishing at Ham.
The town itself is an established up-market shopping destination, with over 200 shops to visit, which hasdeveloped its daytime economy. Richmond is on the district line and is served by the London Overground and South West Trains as well as a number of buses. Want to discover more about the Kennet and Avon, Llangollen, the Oxford canal or any of the other canals in UK?
The Windrush 25 launch is the brilliant new boat from Bossoms Boatyard for entertaining family and friends - or maybe just for a couple who sometimes want to leave the busy world behind! As traditional Thames river launch builders, we wanted to take the very best of English style and build, and to integrate the very latest engineering technology, in a boat that would give its owners the pride of owning a classic, but with all the utility and comfort of 21st Century design and materials. The Bossoms Windrush respects the Thames traditions, and is finished to the highest standard, but look closer and it is a lot more than just another good looking river launch. The Admiralty Sailing Craft (ASC) 16 foot dinghy is a traditional pulling and sail-training open dinghy, extensively used by Sea Cadet Units and latterly by corporates for teambuilding exercises and competition on coastal and inland waters. The heavy and durable construction ensures that the boat can be simply maintained at minimal cost and is accordingly great value for money. Hull construction is now entirely of glass reinforced plastic with wooden thwarts, bilge rails and handholds and heavy wooden gunwale rubbers. Atomic leading one of the international tug races it won, between the USA and Canada, on the St.
The Atomic from Amherstburg wins the first international tugboat race.Bylines on back of clipping dated May 22nd, 1951.

Atomic   1946Photo by Vince Spearing of the Atomic in the 1978 tugboat race at Windsor. Westminster Abbey is close to the Houses of Parliament, and has been the scene of all Royal Coronations, and a lot of Royal weddings and burials since William the Conqueror marched into England in 1066.The present Abbey is an architectural masterpiece of mediaeval times, built from around the 12th Century to the end of the 16th Century.
It is on a part of the Thames which is tidal which means that traffic on the river is allowed to operate on both low and high tide.
Located here are also the River Thames Visitor Centre and Cafe which are uniquely housed on a barge, the Duke of Cambridge, which is probably the last one of its kind, a Thames Lighter (a flat bottomed barge used to transfer people and goods to and from moored ships). It attracts over 300 crews from all over the world and thousands of spectators along the banks of the Thames. There is also a great selection of bars and restaurants which has continued to sustain the separate evening economy. Thames boat trips, boats and boating, riverside pubs, Thames restaurants, hotels and B & Bs. Canal boat holidays, Canal boat hire and available moorings and traditional narrowboat boat builders. A subtly broader beam offers stability when boarding, plus exceptionally generous deck room, locker capacity and seating for a boat of its manageable size. In 1961 it was updated to allow construction of the external hull (only) in the then new GRP, and in 1975 (in consultation with Bossoms) a shift to full GRP construction was approved - with fittings in stainless steel and revisions to the sailing rig.
The substantial wood bottom boards are covered with non-slip treadmaster and are fitted with stretcher cleats and moveable stretchers.
The Boat builders use traditional techniques to hand craft wooden unpowered rowing boats at the boathouses that date from 1777, when Richmond Bridge was built. The Chapel of Henry VII in particular is stunning, with its magnificent fan vaulting, all carved from stone - yet it looks as delicate as though it were made of icing sugar. To get the best out of your visit, it is advisable to go on a guided tour once you are in the museum.

The bridge is also home to Richmond Bridge Boathouse (pictured below), a boatbuilding company who were involved in building the Gloriana, the lead vessel in Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.
Festivals, wedding and conference venues, party places, museums and live entertainment venues. The result is stunning - a boat of most elegant character, but with a high volume, highly efficient, low wash hull, optimised for a powerful, reliable and virtually noiseless electric propulsion system (although diesel or hybrid systems can alternatively be specified), and with three different topside configurations - open (Windrush Umpire), forward cabin (Windrush Cruise) and classic mid-cabin (Windrush Weekender).
The cabin versions include a head with lavatory, shower and hand basin, and small galley (and will sleep two in style and riverboat comfort).
It has a gunter sailing rig, a lifting centreboard and rudder and is safe and simple in operation. The majority of fittings are in polished stainless steel and the mast, boom and gaff are in Sitka Spruce.
Today, it is one of the wealthiest areas in the United Kingdom and is noted as being one of the happiest places to live.
There are several splendid hotels in the area such as the Petersham (pictured below), the Richmond Park and the Bingham. 30, 2008 to complete repairs made after an incident in Matane harbour, and also after a general black-out in the Honguedo Strait were they lost all power and also the anchors and chain. The Westminster Abbey Museum is also well worth a look because of its expansive collection of Royal effigies.
There are also a great number of parks and open green spaces with approximately a third of the borough being green. She was waiting for good weather for the trip to the Magdalen Islands to escort bulk carrier traffic from the Grosses Iles salt mines.

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