The Boatbuilders Yard is a waterfront bar and café located in South Wharf that brings a new style of relaxed and informal European-style eating and drinking to Melbourne.
We've got a huge beer garden conveniently located next to Polly Woodside and the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
With a feel that’s more seaside than city-side, The Boatbuilders Yard is a great place to relax the day away.

Housed next to the Polly Woodside at the city end of South Wharf Promenade, the atmosphere here is laid-back and convivial in contrast with the busy CBD streets just across the river.
The Boatbuilders Yard is the sister venue to Riverland Bar, which borders the Yarra a few kilometres east at Federation Wharf, and the Wye River General Store in Victoria’s Otway Coast region. For The Boatbuilders Yard, Melbourne architects Six Degrees reinterpreted the heritage-listed site, creating a wealth of indoor and outdoor areas while opening up extraordinary views of the city.

The Boatbuilders Yard is positioned at the top of the South Wharf Promenade 10 minutes from Melbourne's CBD.

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