Location: Eustis, FL Yep, that's a standard raised panel bit or shaper blade set. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The 6 Most Common Sailboat Rigs And How To Tell Them Apart5 Outrageous Luxury Yacht Designs You Have to See To Believe5 Things You May Not Have On Your Boat, But Should! Now he’s at it again, this time showing you how to carve a sweet canoe paddle on a bandsaw. During a recent canoe trip, Matthias took a closer look at one of the Grey Owl paddles he was using.
So he set to work roughing out the general shape of the paddle and using his paddle shaping jig to firm up the details.
Based on the size I think you might be right, though I'd aim towards the higher side of that, not sure a 1.5kw motor would work that well with a heavy beast like this? And Thomas Hotchkin it's direct drive, which was one of the things that make us believe the brand is a Goteneds as they came like that. I am thinking a conversion to belt drive might be in the books if a motor replacement is required myself. I was thinking the advantage of a belt drive conversion would have been that any old motor could have been used, and less stressfull on the bearings too.
But if the motor is shot, rewinding is more expensive than a brand new motor, at least it is here.
Free woodworking plans and instructions to build a number of helpful bandsaw jigs and related workshop projects.
Soon after deciding on a homemade bandsaw I stumbled across 12 inch bandsaw plans in an old popular mechanics magazine.
I am looking for input on the types of quartersawn lumber used in boat building; species, grade, dimensions, etc.
I run a specialty band saw mill operation from a commercial log yard in Bethlehem, NH and have decided to focus on quartersawn lumber. Googles advanced book search will bring up a text or 2 from the 1900's detailing material specs.

Regarding White Oak, from what I have heard, if you steam bend White Oak it should green, not seasoned.
I'm getting ready to start on a 34' sea bright skiff designed by Dave Gerr and will be milling up approx. I have a passion for wood & wooden boats, but it's not my day job, so providing specialty or custom lumber might be a good way for me to get involved with some interesting projects and skilled individuals.
Related side note - I am also studying yacht design through Westlawn, so looking for opportunities to combine the mill & boat building.
I don't have it in front of me at the moment but I think Dave Gerr's book nature of boats covers wood.
Milling halves instead of quarters is also much easier, less wasteful, and also provides around 20% of pure qsawn stock for when qsawn is the best application. A couple books I sent to a sawyer friend who isn't conversant in boat wood were a Time-Life book titled The Classic Boat and John Gardner's Volumes I or II on Building Classic Small Craft. And I'll second the recommendation of the Time Life _The Classic Boat_ book - a fantastic resource for information on wood, traditional rigging and hardware, building techniques, etc. If the fastener penetrates more than one growth ring of a softwood plank being fastened to a frame, it is much less likely to split under stress than a fastener that penetrates dead parallel to one growth ring. Riftsawn wood does move seasonally slightly more than qsawn wood, but that's much less important than a plank splitting at the hood end. I'm a practicing forest biologist, manage a couple tracts of mixed-age fir-cedar-hemlock forest, and mill for my own use as well as to trade work with loggers and other tradesmen. Used on cabinet doors most commonly (rail and stiles), though can be used on all sorts of stuff.
Luckily, the profile of the paddle is made of two straight pieces of wood, greatly simplifying its construction. I forwarded the tip to a friend who was also interested in a bandsaw and much, much better than me at working with old machines.
The motor is probably not original and since it was used in an industrial settings they might have had big enough fuses to direct start even large motors. I had a burned out 2.2kw 3-phase motor and the only thing worth doing with it was saving the bearings and chucking the thing into the recycling bin.

Many lumber makers have a one-man homemade sawmill that they use to cut their own timber down to boards. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
White oak (all flavors except Chestnut), Black Locust, White Ash,Sassafras, Walnut, Cherry, Apple. I thought the purpose of vertical grain for planking was to minimize movement which cuts down on splitting and checking? It's made in sweden most likely, there where no identifying marks the seller (a boat building company that renewed its machine park) could find.
The Simple Saw can be built from the drawings and pictures included, or it can be All plans from Plans for U are provided in PDF format. You can build this efficient ball-bearing band saw easily from standard iron pipe fittings, two discarded front wheels, a. Books smarts does not trump experience but most texts on the subject handle this topic well. I recall reading in Gardner and other books that softwood planking stock (the white cedars and white pine specifically) should be flatsawn. He says he'll rebuild it and add the tilt capability, if it's needed, now that he thought about it he had worked with a similar machine in school. It challenges the mind and when ou see it in a finished project you get a lot of satisfaction out of using your brains. I have shown it to someone who said it is likely a Goteneds and is probably worth 600 euros minimum and if I did not buy it he would on the spot.
It tracks nicely when the wheels are not worn but when it accumulates wear it starts jumping off and in that case it'll be a more serious rebuild.
So it might not run as it is at home, or it might, bit of a chance, but it'll be worth it even if I have to do some extra work.

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