Australian builder Riviera said it has launched a recruitment drive to meet growing demand worldwide for its luxury motor yachts. In a news release, the company said that it will add at least 30 new positions at its Coomera manufacturing facility. Chief Executive Officer Wes Moxey said Riviera is looking for skilled tradespeople in the disciplines of boatbuilding, composite marine electrical engineering fit-out, cabinet making, spray painting, refinishing, and plug and pattern making. According to Riviera Chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst, demand has increased globally across the five distinct Riviera model collections. Compass Design is well known for producing some of the best and most visually stunning boat lettering jobs. Compass Design offers the full spectrum of signage products, including freestanding signs, building signs, banners, custom sign work, and logo design.
We provide recruitment services to marine sector companies, mainly operating in New Zealand, although we have enjoyed success with overseas employers as well because of the high regard that New Zealand marine skills are held in - whether driving a CAD design program, working in the boat yard, down in the engine room or on the bridge of a high-performance race boat or superyacht. The majority of positions are permanent land-based roles, predominantly in New Zealand, although through our expanding network of industry contacts - and, pleasingly, word-of-mouth from happy customers and candidates alike - we are developing new avenues and responding to a broader range of enquiries from around the world. Formax, a composite reinforcements manufacturer, has teamed up with Gold Coast Yachts to develop an all-carbon B53 catamaran. Gold Coast Yachts, located in Christiansted on St.
Headquartered in Leicester (UK), Formax specialises in the production of lightweight carbon fibre multiaxials and highly engineered glass fibre and aramid fibres.

As well as being a very fast racer for competitive sailing, the B53 catamaran is a high-tech, well-equipped cruiser with an overall length of 16.3 m.
Formax says in a statement that its custom carbon fibre fabrics enabled Gold Coast Yachts to achieve the weight and engineering specifications for the B53. Gold Coast Yachts called in Formax’ Philip Steggall, who is highly experienced in all processing techniques, to help decide which manufacturing process would achieve the laminate properties set out by the designer.
We believe strongly in the future of the Australian marine industry and we are leading our industry in nurturing Australia’s future master craftsmen and women,” he said.
New models such as the 575 SUV, 57 Enclosed Flybridge and 52 Enclosed Flybridge designs are proving popular around the world,” he said. We will make effective use of your shop truck or van and put your name in front of potential customers.
Our high tech graphic software is capable of superimposing graphics over a digital photo to produce samples of the finished product! Companies are always on the lookout for talented marine professionals so whether you're a candidate or an employer, have a look at our web site to see how we can assist you today! Philip Steggall Formax’s newly appointed US business development manager, assisted the boatbuilder with this project.
Concerned that it might not be possible to meet the weight and panel engineering specifications for the B53 through wet bagging, he was also aware that successful resin infusion of carbon fabrics can be difficult, and prepreg would be very expensive, requiring costly materials, tooling and production equipment, and higher labour costs.

The results from laboratories in the US and Canada demonstrated the superior properties of the infused panels, including a 15% increase in compression strength. That’s how we hit the target weight, as well as the strength requirement, for this boat,” explains Gold Coast Yachts’ president Rich Difede.
Built on the morals of hard work and integrity, Compass Design is your solution for your custom sign and graphics needs! This allows you to visualize the lettering and graphics before the work begins to ensure that you receive the perfect product with the best service at a fair price! Gold Coast Yachts was then able to prove that it could meet the B53’s weight, strength and stiffness specifications using infusion. We offer a wide range of services from standard business signs to boat lettering and hand painting. We also provide vehicle lettering and full vinyl wraps to advertise your business while on the go!

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