The Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway that is in operation today, is running due to the efforts of the Dart Valley Railway PLC over the past 30 years. In 2010 the two companies merged to form the Dartmouth Steam Railway & River Boat Company. The KingsBeer Festival 2016 Our 3rd annual beer festival will take place 15th-17th July 2016 inclusive.
Celebrations are taking place around the country on the day the Queen turns 90, with crowds turning out to see her on a walkabout in Windsor.
The 15-storey building, opened by the Queen in 1962, was formerly the city's council offices.
The BBC revealed in 2013 the Grade II listed building was going to be turned into a four-star hotel.
Plymouth City Council previously said the building was extremely expensive to maintain and not really serving the needs of the organisation. However, that plan to demolish the building was quashed after English Heritage granted listed status in 2007. Councillor Mark Lowry, member for finance and assets, said Urban Splash had a fantastic track record of breathing new life into difficult buildings. There are still some council staff working at the civic centre but Mr Lowry said the plan was for them all to be out by autumn. A mental health nurse is found guilty of two serious misconduct charges relating to the death of a malnourished psychiatric patient. Our fantastic seafood restaurant has been opened for 3 years and has gone from strength to strength.
Both Robert and Kelly work in the restaurant throughout the summer months and are on hand to recommend and advise on whats best from the fish market. The fish wholesale business continues to grow with the Brixham Fish market growing year on year.
The name of our new restaurant is ' SIMPLY FISH ', please check our website for more details as they become available, and we very much hope to see you there! We have now opened our new seafood and cocktail bar, just a couple doors up from our existing shop. Adrian Edmondson's journey takes him to Devon, where he buys fresh seafood at the Brixham Fish Market, visits a man who makes gin and prepares a squab pie for folk singer-songwriter Seth Lakeman. Simply Fish has been shut for our annual break but will be back open on Thurs 5th Feb 12am. For the first few weeks we will be open Tues – Sat but very soon will be open 7 days a week.
We have been asked for a gluten free option we can offer 100% Gluten free with a pan fried or grilled fish.
Or a gluten free batter which is not technically 100% gluten free as its cooked in the same oil.
We will be selling a great local ice-cream this year ' Yarde Farm ' which comes in some great flavours.

An evening at Simply Fish Restaurant hosted by Kelly and Robert - £45 for a taster menu plus wine.
Officials hope the regeneration of the Brixham Fish Quay will help secure the town's future as a vibrant fishing area which will benefit from new investment and jobs. The 20 million pound award winning development is now complete and includes a new fish market, extended quay space, new offices, fish processing and retail units and a restaurant. Princess Anne will tour the new facility and meet with local boat owners, employers and employees this morning before unveiling a plaque at the front entrance of the new building. The multi million pound project was funded by the South West RDA and developed in partnership with Torbay Council, the TDA, community regeneration group Brixham 21 and the Torbay Harbour Authority. JOHN LAING is at sea at the moment, resulting in a very crackly phone line further obscured by a great deal of giggling at the other end, from which I think we can conclude that the current voyage is going well.
As far as I could gather through the noise, the highlight of last weekend’s trip with staff from the Devon and Cornwall police (Plymouth to Falmouth to Plymouth) was that yet again they were in a prime position to see a firework display. They started by sailing from Plymouth to Falmouth, where they were storm-bound for a day.
As I write, JOHN LAING is just approaching Fowey, after another day of zooming and sick buckets which is apparently being enjoyed by all (even those fully focussed on the bottoms of the buckets).
Last week’s bulletin mentioned that the sea staff had been given presents by the crew. Thought I might share some pictures of my canoe storage I built during the recent cold snap. The last picture shows the river that runs past our house which is worth jumping in once in a while with a boat. It was another 11 years before the railway was extended from Torre to Paignton and a further five years before the line was completed to Kingswear, passing through Churston.
It is a commercial company with a board of directors, enthusiast shareholders and the dedicated staff who run and maintain this heritage railway.
Within a few years the Paignton to Kingswear line was threatened with closure by British Railways.
Due to this the Dart Valley Railway felt that the Totnes to Buckfastleigh line would be better operated independently by an enthusiast group. More space and a slightly different vibe but the same fantastic seafood plus a great cocktail bar, with outdoor seating for a sunny day. I don’t know how many voyages they have done with us, but Dave remembers sailing with them when he was skippering SPIRIT OF BOADICEA for the Ocean Youth Club in 1998.
Much to the dismay of all those of us who are not on board at the moment, this has been happening AGAIN: what have this lot done to deserve it, cry hundreds of other envious sea staff? We still need some more people to come and help on our stand – crew, sea staff, friends and supporters. I like the central support which I assume is to rest the boat on before the final lift onto the ends. One route that was examined ran from Exeter, along the coast, through Torquay and the Dart estuary, crossing the South Hams to Plymouth.

The line finally opened to traffic on 16th August 1864, under the South Devon Railway management. The company was founded in the 1960's to acquire and run the Totnes to Buckfastleigh branch railway, which had been closed for some years. It was then that the Dart Valley Railway acquired this section of line as well and started train services in 1973.
Today this line runs as the South Devon Railway, leaving Dart Valley Railway to concentrate on the Paignton to Kingswear line.
A core principle of the family business is to support the local fishing industry, with Brixham being our primary port. A great bonus with regular customers like this is their ability to get all the crew particularly well-prepared for the voyage, and Margaret, the group leader, had clearly done a great deal to ensure that they came armed with a lot of basic knowledge about sailing, which really paid dividends. But they made it into Penzance, where the harbourmaster was outstandingly friendly and welcoming, and gave us a second link to the days of the old Ocean Youth Club as he remembered another of our previous boats, FALMOUTH PACKET, once a regular visitor to the harbour. Anyway, Dave got a cook’s apron, having apparently introduced himself as the man in charge of the galley.
And the 29th (Bank Holiday) and 30th August 2-day voyage, currently earmarked for adults (18+) isn’t fully-booked yet, and the organisation which hoped to take the full boat has said that they would be happy if other adults wished to sail in any spare berths. What an ideal chance to use up all the left over materials I get from jobs, so this storage solution was very cheap.
The route that was chosen and the route that runs today, goes through Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Totnes, South Brent and ending at Plymouth. The Paignton to Kingswear line is fully up to main line standards and is able to carry the largest and heaviest locomotives in Britain.
But best of all, a whole new present-giving opportunity has opened up, with the news that Princess Craig has had his left ear pierced. Our garden faces due South so very little sun gets to the boats as they are behind the fence, so I may never have to build sides onto the racks.
Not overly attractive and lots of hassle to get off, so I never got out as much as I wanted to. The success of this venture, provided the foundations to open their retail shop in Paignton, where they stayed for 20 years before relocating to The New Fish Market in Brixham in 2009. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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