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Bangor Daily News: A long-established Canadian boat-building firm is expanding its operations to the Washington County community of Eastport [Maine] later this year, a project expected to create as many as 50 jobs. New Brunswick-based Millennium Marine has been building boats in Escuminac since the 1940s and now produces a line of custom-built fiberglass boats that range in hull size from 25’ to 60’.
Each month our emailed newsletter keeps you up to speed on the top news items, videos, destinations, reviews and fishing articles on BoatingLocal, so you won’t miss a beat. Lubbehusen, who is currently building a boat for Andy Garcia’s next movie, “Hemingway & Fuentes,” will highlight traditional wooden boatbuilding on May 18. On May 17 and May 18, Herman will present his discoveries of the Polynesian voyaging canoe and how the values of the voyaging canoe teach us how to live on Island Earth. Glen Taniguchi had been in the boat building and boat restoration business for 35 years when we spoke with him. I can multi-task now: I run a panel through the sander do something else while the Woodmaster is doing its thing.

Top PostsBoat builder, boat restorer says, "I DO BETTER, FASTER WORK THAN MY COMPETITION THANKS TO MY WOODMASTER DRUM SANDER!"“My Woodmaster Drum Sander GIVES ME QUALITY RESULTS & INCREASES MY PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY.”“Hello, Woodmaster? Each destination section contains detailed information on navigation, marinas, public dockage, Harbormaster contacts, fuel docks, anchorages, launch ramps, fishing options, service and repair.
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Whether you want to be entertained or informed, or both, you'll find something of interest in the video library. The firm’s inventory of boat options caters to the nautical needs of fishermen, law enforcement agencies, marine research organizations, divers, charter operators and other customers worldwide. For author and source information, click on the reference link provided at the end of the post. A 100-year-old dugout canoe that once was on display at the Alligator Farm will be on view during the weekend. Book signing for “Murder at the Outlet Mall” with local authors Marilyn Baron and Sharon Goldman. You'll also find videos, links and info on places to shop, dine, and local points of interest. Get the scoop on recent search-and-rescue ops, marina news, dredging, boating and fishing events, weather alerts, fishing reports, and anything else that happens along the coast. It's also where you can learn about recent noteworthy catches, watch entertaining fishing videos and find links to state regulations and license information.

Retail prices of the firm’s boats range from $300,000 to $700,000, depending on how they are customized and powered. Doug Herman, Senior Geographer at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.
It was always kind of depressing to see a big stack of doors that would take me a day or two to get through — now I can do them in a few hours. Jobs take less time; they’re less labor intensive, less demanding, and the Woodmaster does a better job that you do. I save an immense amount of time and it’s a much better job than if I’d used a belt sander and a dual-action sander.
Then I ran the panels through the Woodmaster and brought the veneer down to the same level as the cherry frames. For example, I’m working on a 50-foot catamaran (twin-hulled boat) and the owner wanted a teak and maple floor. If I hadn’t had the Woodmaster, I’d have had to do it a more traditional way: laying the floor piece-by-piece and sanding it with a buff pad.

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