If you’re building something as large as a boat, or any other demanding wood project, you need some type of vacuum. For several years I got by with just a basic shop vac, but once I installed a vacuum system, projects became more enjoyable.The ease of simply pushing a button or flipping a switch and having vacuum suction at every tool location is a real benefit to both your health and your productivity. If you’re going to be doing a lot of projects, a stationary dust collection system is probably the best way to go. To simplify the design, I cut out post-its to the dimensions of the items in my woodshop, and stuck them to my grid paper. For convenience, I installed two PVC lines under some shelves that fed into my vac.I saw my dad do this in his shop, and it works really well.
On each PVC line I placed one or more T’s to service my table saw, router table, and band saw. For added convenience, I installed two floor sweeps.These floor sweeps are controlled with their own blast gates.
If you are building a boat, install a vacuum hose on the ceiling in the center of your workshop.
If you’re building a boat, or you use a lot of handheld power tools, consider running an extra PVC line to the middle of your woodshop. Here are a couple final thoughts to keep you safe.Do your homework by purchasing a good book.
Reducers allow you to step down from one size hose to another, and come in a number of sizes.
Blast gates, hose clamps and grounding wire are three of the items you will want to order for your stationary vacuum system. Location: florida nice skiff Hey Dick, That's a really pretty boat you've built, has it seen the water yet, looks like it'll be fun.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A boat shop needs to be able to adapt to the various and often incompatible fabrication techiques of wood, metal, plastic and FRP relatively quickly. It's called The Boat House and it is the place for serious wooden boat owners and collectors.
Check out what's happening at our boat shop by going to Boat Shop Log, Photo Gallery and Boatworks Events. At Hall's Boat Corporation, we believe it is essential to match the right boat with the right owner. The Lodging’s at Hall's Boat Corporation offers discriminating boaters the ideal Lake George vacation package that includes three distinctive classic Adirondack-style lake houses, full membership privileges at Hall's Boating Club during your stay and use of a boat slip up to 23 ft (fees do apply).

From a full-service marina with all the standard services you'd expect—plus a few extras you might not expect, such as concierge service to prepare your boat for excursions, to charming Adirondack-style lodging accommodations, Hall's Boating Club offers an unparalleled experience for our members.
This classic beauty came in for some basic maintenance, Hall's Boat Shop did a complete revarnish. There are health risks associated with breathing in the dust, and the layers of dust in the woodshop or garage can build up fast. This type of vacuum typically has multiple branches that pull dust from numerous power tools, hoses and floor sweeps.
The more tools you have running at once, and the longer your duct runs, the larger the system will need to be.
This allowed me to quickly arrange the shop’s layout without getting overly technical. For example, I rarely use either of my lathes, so I didn’t bother giving them their own duct, and simply placed a shop vac next to them.
I mounted the trunk line, made of PVC, down below the shelf so the pipe would clear the shelving brackets. The fine white powder produced from sanding epoxy may require that you disconnect these hoses from time to time and clean them out with water. You may have to get creative and purchase a hood or two and install them onto your stationary power tools.
I installed my brackets on small blocks of wood that I screwed into the ceiling's beams. If you are needing a grounding wire kit, click here, and if you need blast gates, click here. My up-front costs, in time to locate and build a boat shop, and the price of the monthly rent, were significantly greater than I had budgeted, but they have paid dividends in efficient workflow over the life of the project. Nested in the "picturesque" website of Hall's Boat Corporation, The Boat House is a place to indulge in your love for wooden boats. Our experts can work with you to find a boat that suits the way you will use it—from the water you'll be on, to the number of passengers you'll carry, to the activities you'll do with and in it, to how you will board it, and more.
If your shop is attached to the house this dust also works it’s way inside, making matters even worse, and sometimes driving a wedge between you and your spouse. My father gave me a nice Delta 2 stage, 2 horse power vacuum when he downsized to a mobile Jet unit. I positioned my tools for the shortest ducting possible, while still maintaining easy access to each one.
Make sure to purchase a strong hose, one that can take your weight if you accidentally step on it.

I used a 5'x12' sheet for the bottom, a 4'x16' ripped down center for the sides, and I believe another 4'x8' sheet, as well as the angle, split pipe, and flat bar. To work with fiberglass, for example, my shop has evolved some of the features detailed above.
However, there is some downtime reattaching the dust collector from one machine to the next, and they’re not as powerful as the larger stationary systems. The location I found (in fact, the only one I found) was an unused pole barn with a dirt floor in the back of a defunct lumberyard with an owner who was looking to eek some money out of his property. Both of these decisions saved me time and money and probably kept me from requiring a larger system.
I’ve found this tape peels off with little residue and oftentimes can be put right back on the PVC.
A blast gate is basically a valve for turning off the suction that pulls dust from each stationary power tool, floor sweep or hose.
With all the fine dust and the abundance of oxygen rushing through the system, a small spark can ignite a large fire. It took a year of my time to get the place closed in, insulated, a concrete floor poured, heat, electricity, lighting, plumbing and ventilation installed, and my tools up and running. I had a jointer that would have also been hooked up to this vac system, but sold it to gain more floor space for my boat build. If for any reason you think sparks may have been drawn into your vac, turn it off and empty out the wood chips and dust.
Ran pretty skinny with the prop, but ,my buddies say she will run if you pee off the bow with the jet. Some vacuums are so powerful it is recommended to keep at least one blast gate open so your hose does not collapse. I have found most boat plans are way overkill on materials ( small boats anyway)for my taste.
For convenience, I added a remote start so I can turn the vacuuming with this or any other line. And one final thought, don’t install a vac system in a room with a gas powered appliance.

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