Cape Town boat charters provide the best possible opportunity for you to see the city from an entirely new and vastly different perspective.
On the outskirts of the city bowl right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean there is a building, a monument that was completed with much pomp and ceremony at the beginning of 2010.
The Mother City is a place that was first seen by foreign visitors from the sea so it is relevant and strangely awesome that the best view of the stadium is from the sea at the same time it is sad the majority of positive comments about the stadium come from tourists while those for whom the stadium was really built are to short sighted and blinded by political diatribe to appreciate it. Every Capetonian should be forced to take anyone of the sunset cruises that leaves from the V&A Waterfront to witness and appreciate the true architectural beauty of Cape Town. Cape Cod Fishing in late May and June are great months to catch striped bass and bluefish as well as cod, pollock, black sea bass and scup. Bass River Charters is not only a Cape Cod Fishing Charter, we would like you to spend your time on the water however you choose. Any Florida sportsman will tell you there is no better way to explore the inshore waters than on a flats boat. Common prey species include: squid, menhaden (pogies), north american eel, sand eels, mackerel, herring, crabs, lobster, scup (porgies) Read more about striped bass at GoFISHn. As stripers tend to stick to the bottom, the famous hairball jig is effective at tricking them into a strike.
Hairball Charters adheres to the Massachusetts recreational fishing limits of two stripers 28 inches and over, per person, per day. 941-505-8687 - Gulf Island Tours offers Boat Tours, Yacht Charters, Boat Rentals, Boat Tours with Limo Service in Southwest Florida.
Alternatively, book a festive sunset cruise on the H2O Limo Party Boat for a full day boat tour to Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa FL. If you have questions, or would like more information about Yacht Charters, Boat Rentals, Boat Tours or Limo Service please leave your name and contact information.
941-505-8687 - Our Boat Rentals in Englewood FL can be delivered to Port Charlotte, Little Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande.

When you visit a city so closely linked to the sea, not only geographically but historically too it makes perfect sense to take a sunset cruise into one of the many bays to enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic sea board without dealing with the crowds that these beaches attract.
It was a building that was clouded in controversy from its inception and its construction was the topic of much debate with both sides having equally strong opinions, however when it was completed it drew tens of thousands of foreigners and by all accounts created positive life changing memories for both the locals and the tourists. Just fill out this form and it will be sent directly to the owner, who will get back to you with all details. The primary wintering grounds for striped bass is the Chesapeake Bay area and they range as far north as Canada.
They tend to be ambush hunters that lie in wait in the lee side of structure and use the tides to bring prey to them. The key to catching striped bass is matching the hatch – what they are actively feeding on at the moment, mimicking the action and size of that specific prey species.
Striped bass has a firm white flesh that is excellent for grilling, frying, broiling and smoking. We are the ONLY company that offers FREE Limousine Service with our full day boat charters! Gulf Island Tours offers private yacht charters and many other great ways to visit the Gulf Islands of Florida from Fort Myers all the way up to Sarasota! Our boat rentals, boat tours and yacht charters depart from Chadwick Cove in Englewood or we can pick up your group from surrounding areas in our super stretch limousine!  Our yacht charters include free limousine transfers within a 30 mile radius of Englewood and on overnight charters, we provide free limousine service on all points between Fort Myers and Sarasota!  Print our illustrative SW Florida map for your free South West Florida vacation guide and book a yacht charter with Gulf Island Tours today! The perspective offered by Cape Town boat charters is beautiful and unique it's a trip that has to be taken.
When the crowds had left and the politicians had finished patting each other on the back the building was once again the subject of much debate and venom, more than once been called a white elephant.
Therefore, they tend to stay closer to the bottom than other game fish, such as the bluefish.
Where other fishing captains might just catch you a striped bass, we’ll land you a striper of a lifetime!

The waters around Cape Cod provide the ideal habitat with abundant prey species that stripers crave. While there is no doubting the magnificence of Chapman's Peak drive and the amazing views offered from the top of Table Mountain they don't come close to comparing to the panoramic view of the twelve apostles from the sea. Often times schools of stripers and bluefish can be found moving together – bluefish above and stripers below. Topwater fishing with live baits, such as; menhaden, mackerel and squid or soft plastic baits and plugs can be very effective and entertaining. Interestingly these views are very seldom sold on postcards; perhaps it is this that makes them so special. To the people that describe it as a pimple on the Cape Town skyline and a waste of tax payer's money I have only one thing to say, they have obviously yet to see it from the sea.
Sometimes stripers can be caught at the surface when they have corralled the bait and forced it to the top. It is from this vantage point that the true magnificence of this monument to Cape Town's beauty truly makes sense. Yacht charters include Limo Service from Punta Gorda, Venice, North Port, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers Florida.
Our Overnight Yacht Charters sail from Englewood FL down to Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers or to Boca Grande and Venice FL.

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