I strive on being one of the hardest working charter fishing guides on the water and to make every fishing charter trip an adventure. My new 2013 Mitzi skiff specificity designed for getting my fly fishing anglers deep in the backcountry. Here is a picture of the 27 inch, 10 pound Redfish I caught while fishing with you on February 7th. I was able to take home some excellent tips that I will be able to use on future fishing trips. I have a subscription to a publication call "The Angling Report" and I will be giving you high marks in the upcoming issue. Just wanted to drop you a short note on how much me and my sister enjoyed our fishing trip. In addition I would have no hesitation in recommending your guide service to anyone considering a fishing trip in southwest Florida. Miami Speed Boat Rental-38ft Cigarette Top Gun Speed Boat for Rent-Florida Cigar Boat Rentals 38' Cigar Boat for Rent in Miami Florida. The satisfaction of catching a fish and serving it for dinner is one of the most rewarding aspects of fishing.
You can't get any fresher than fish straight out of the water, never frozen, it just tastes great! Proper handling of fish is the key to good eating; it must be kept fresh from the water to the frying pan! So, before you venture out to go fishing you should decide on how you are going to keep your catch fresh.
If you fish is still alive, please do the humane thing and terminate the fish by taking a blunt object like a hammer and make several blows to the top of the fish's head. To clean the fish, place it on a flat, rough surface such as a piece of wood or a cutting board that will keep the fish from sliding around while cleaning.
Field Dressing is commonly used by wading fisherman who cannot drag coolers to their fishing spot, they put the dressed fish in a Creel Basket.
Make initial cut behind the pectoral fin from backbone to stomach, avoiding puncturing the internal organs or severing the backbone. Very skilled anglers will cut the fillet from one side of the fish leaving a small section near the tail still attached, then they will flip the fillet over and using the body for leverage, skin the fillet in one shot! Dressing or cleaning a fish is done by removing the entrails, head, & fins keeping the skeleton remains with the meat. Scaling is removing the scales from the skin of the fish and is done before a fish is dressed. Use a scaling tool, start from the tail working words the head scrapping the scales off the fish.
To steak a fish you must first scale or skin and dress it, then working from the tail section toward the head, cut down through the backbone at intervals of about an inch creating the steaks.

It is important to store your dressed fish properly, so determine beforehand when you plan to cook the fish. Remove excess moisture by patting down with a towel, place the fish in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, then in a layer of freezer paper.
CONSUMPTION ADVISORY: Relatively low levels of mercury in Largemouth Bass have been found to occur in Lake Okeechobee and in canals throughout southwest Florida. Want to spend a fun day with family members, planning a company outing or impress a big client, everyone is welcome aboard Capt. We recommend you also bring a camera, sun screen, hat, sunglasses, and a jacket in case a South Florida shower comes along. We still have a spot open for Canada, all you need is a little cash, a passport and transportation to WV.
Tim, Your infinite patience, casting assistance and obvious enthusiasm for your work made Saturday's fishing trip one to remember.
Fishing for snook turned out to be a very exciting and rewarding experience,unlike any other.
Including ski boats, waverunners, jet skis, pontoon boats, party boats Find Fort Myers Boats Rental Charter on MagicYellow. Fish meat is very delicate and if not properly handled it will lose taste and texture very quickly and can spoil in a very short period of time. Heat is your worst enemya€”Florida has year-round warm water, hot sun, and warm air temperatures which presents a challenge in keeping your fish fresh. Regularly checking on their well being helps to ensure they stay alive, but they will often perish despite our best efforts.
First you need a very sharp fillet knife, a fish cleaning table or large cutting board, a scaler or fliers, and gloves (optional). All anglers with docks should have a fish cleaning table where you can clean your fish and chum the water at the same time, it's a lot less mess doing it on the dock.
It is also used by saltwater anglers to keep their catch fresh longer and freeze faster, especially during the hot summer months when fish can spoil fast.
Do not fillet your fish while fishing from a boat then bag and ice the meat, it is illegal in Florida, you must return to shore with the fish whole. Many small or medium size fish like Sheepshead, Bluegill, Crappie, and Croaker are scaled, then dressed & served whole.
It was made in the early 1970's and shows many ways to clean and dress fish, some we never heard of before. First pat down the fish with a towel to remove excess moisture then place in a plastic bag or container, and put in the refrigerator. To thaw, place the freezer container in the refrigerator overnight or unwrapped the fish and place in water.
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You did put us into fish that June 2012 trip, but was not typical of expected Florida fishing.
Having guided the group I take to Canada the last thirty years it is not the easiest thing to put people on fish every day and have the fish bite.
My son got really "bit" from his first experience at fly fishing, and will be only getting better.
Hop aboard out 42' Cigarette Tiger boat for high speed trips to the BVIs and Puerto Rico. When you’re looking for some excitement or relaxation This does not mean you have to buy a boat of your own there are some wonderful local companies that offer all types of boat rentals. A knife as sharp as a razor makes quick work of filleting; dull knives leave you sawing at the meat and make messy fillets.
Now rinse the fish with water, wrap it in damp rags and place it in an insulated storage pack or cooler. Any fish can be filleted, but some are harder than others such as Sheepshead that have lots of bones.
Skinning is usually associated with fish that have skin with no scales, like catfish or eel.
You coached, praised when I did something right and was gentle with your critique of some bad casts etc. Idle Time Watercraft Boat Rentals We are a full service marine retailer selling both new and used boats. Gloves help to hold the fish in place as you fillet so you don't slip and cut your self but are not required. The location of your cleaning station should be near a water source so you can hose down the mess after cleaning your fish. Very large fish are prepared by Steaking (see below) because they are impractical to fillet. Fish that are difficult to fillet like Sheepshead, who have large scales, are scaled then dressed whole. If your looking to hunt fish in the shallow waters of the 10,000 islands this boat is a perfect match. In this video you can learn how to make a deluxe fish cleaning station for a fun weekend project. Light and sunny living room and a small roofed balcony where you can enjoy your cigarette or the view.

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