The Frances, operated by NYS Marine Highway, enters Waterford Harbor with her sister ship Margot close behind.
Tug 8th Sea has recovered from her "wobbly rudder" problems after getting lubrication and repairs at the Rusty Anchor, and heads north on the Hudson River at Troy.
The Betty June is a steel hulled tug, formerly used on the Mississippi River, on side-haul jobs and now refitted as a pleasure tug. Callisto is a Lord Nelson Victory Tug, built as a pleasure boat, but showing some very authentic tugboat lines. The Dragonfly was hand built of plywood by our friend Stu Pate, with 2 small Honda outboards hidden under her rear deck.
The Caldwell Belle is a 60 passenger sternwheeler powered by a 120 horsepower Ford Lehman diesel.
1600s dutch river freighter Onrust is heavily armed with 3 black powder cannons, which were fired every 15 minutes.

NYS Marine Highway's Tug Mame Fay, named after a Troy Madame, pushed the fireworks barge across the harbor. Mister Sew-N-Sew Custom Boat Canvas designs and sews boat covers and marine upholstery for many makes and models of boats. Mister Sew-N-Sew produces cockpit upholstery, instrument panels, v-berth cushions and bedding cushions, and most types of marine seating.
Mister Sew-N-Sew also repairs, re-sews and creates window replacements to extend the life of your boat canvas. All custom work is professionally designed and sewn with particular attention to production of a high quality product. Mister Sew-N-Sew is a semi-mobile business and travels to the following counties to conduct business: Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady and Warren.
We are a proud member of the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI).

We take a great deal of pride in the workmanship provided and in treating clients fairly and consistently. Read the article On-site repair work on the rise in the September 2013 issue of Marine Fabricator. Read the latest (July 2014) interview with Charlie and Marcia - they discuss on-site custom design and fabrication of their outstanding marine canvas work in the July 2014 issue of Marine Fabricator. Because of the nature of the service, Mister Sew-N-Sew will travel to the location of the boat as needed.

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