Dalea€™s Marine, in Madison Lake, MN, proudly provides marine repair services and sales throughout Southern Minnesota, including to the communities of: Eagle Lake, Elysian, Janesville, Kasota, Le Center, Le Sueur, Madison Lake, Mankato, North Mankato, St. Wea€™re your pontoon repair shop, outboard engine mechanic, marine repair facility, boat doctor, boat engine repair guysa€¦ whatever you call us, wea€™re Dalea€™s Marine and wea€™re here to provide the professional marine repair services you need. Our friendly and experienced staff is complete with two Certified BRP Master Mechanics as well as professional technicians capable of providing marine repair services on all major brands of boat and pontoon outboard motors. The next time you find yourself standing on the shoreline due to marine failures or poor winterization, bring your boat or pontoon to Dalea€™s Marine for professional servicing. As Minnesota residents we take great pleasure in the recreational opportunities that our many lakes have to offer; but when the sun goes down on the last evening of summer you must remember that your watercraft will need some TLC. Your watercraft, especially its engine, is not something to be used and abused, for proper and detail-oriented winterization services contact Dalea€™s Marine today. As a dependable marine company we have solid working relationships with some of the most reputable part suppliers in the industry. At Dalea€™s Marine we operate as a full-service marine repair facility, in doing so we offer a full-range of marine repair and maintenance services.

Our powerhouse repair shop is complete with up-to-date equipment, maintains its own parts department, and employs certified marine mechanics ready to quickly execute repairs. At Dalea€™s Marine we understand the importance of accurate marine winterizing; and have unfortunately seen the devastating effects sub-zero temps can play on a marine motor not properly winterized. Our repair facility stocks more commonly needed parts than most of the marine repair facilities in our area; and if we dona€™t currently have it available, we can get it for you. Fortunately, our trained marine technicians are experienced in providing complete winterization services. At Dalea€™s Marine we do everything within our means to provide timely customer service; by having a wide-array of replacement and aftermarket parts on hand we are simply able to serve you better. Let us protect your investment throughout the winter months so you can enjoy it to the fullest throughout Minnesotaa€™s short boating season.

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