Boat only pricing starts from $20207.00 for Centre console model, Dual Console model starting from $18075.00 Power and options extra!!
For all three trips, about a week (or more) is needed to enjoy the leisurely pace of travel by boat.
Although there are shore accommodations along the way on each of these routes, the best experience will be sleeping aboard your own boat. Except in some remote parts of Georgian Bay, it is typically not hard to find a very good meal ashore every evening.
Top attractions are the Rideau Canal, the Trent-Severn Waterway, and the Georgian Bay Smallcraft Route. The Trent-Severn Waterway connect Lake Ontario to Lake Huron, bypassing Niagara Falls and Lake Erie, running about 386-kilometers (240-miles). While many make these trips in larger cruising boats, these routes can be enjoyed as well by boaters in smaller boats, thanks to the excellent shore facilities found along the way.
This will eliminate the need to make reservations for motels or inns, and will free your travel itinerary from those constraints. With a bit of planning and preparation, almost any boat can enjoy a week of cruising along these waterways.

The Georgian Bay Smallcraft Route permits boats to travel the entire eastern shore of Georgian Bay, from Midland to Killarney, in a protected passage.
But it is very handy if you can whip up breakfast on the boat while at a dock and make lunch while underway with cold cuts.
There are thousands of aids to navigation that mark that route, and you must pay close attention to all of them.
You can also usually set up a grill or use an existing grill at many marinas, and have a good dinner without having elaborate facilities on the boat. Length and beam limits are generally not a concern for recreational boaters on these routes. And a smaller boats will have no problems with fitting into locks or transiting narrow and shallow passages.
Fortunately the Canadian Hydrographic Service has published an excellent series of strip charts for all of these routes. Accommodations include forward V-berth that doubles as a lounge with removable table, four-place dinette, private double mid berth, complete electric galley, and private head with shower. The Georgian Bay Smallcraft route will normally have at least 1.5-meters (5-feet) of water in its shallowest channels.

Even 17-foot boats can usually provide enough room for a sleeping bag for those who like to rough-it. Topside, the large open cockpit opens to the swim platform via a fully-integrated transom door. We have transited all these routes in boats from 20 to 24-feet in length, and have had friends accompany us in their boats, some as small as 17-feet.
Integral bow platform, radar arch, a full acrylic canvas weather enclosure, VHF radio, trim tabs, 30-amp dockside power, and compass are among the 3255's standard features. Manufacturing teams apply leading-edge technology and meticulous hand-crafting to every stage of construction. A crew of technicians subject each new model to extremes of stress, endurance and punishment to ensure that every Avanti exceeds every expectation. Each Avanti offers a five-year structural hull limited warranty that's fully transferable to protect your investment and assure years of trouble-free boating.

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