As the top boating region in the United States, South Florida has numerous boat dealers that can accommodate the needs of boating enthusiasts all over the world. Large Inventory: Marine Connection offers bank repossessions, close outs, trade-ins, liquidations and factory distressed short sales to provide customers with the best deals possible on their boating investment.
In-House Financing: Marine Connection offers in-house financing and can work with the buyer to find the best interest rates available.
Experience Selling and Exporting Boats: Many people that purchase boats in Florida come from other countries to purchase the boats for a lower cost than they can find in their own country.

Experienced boat dealers in South Florida understand the exporting process, as well as, the fees associated with imports and exports.
At Marine Connection, the loan interest rates depend on your personal credit history, the amount that will be financed and the Current Prime Rate.
Enthusiasts that reside in Florida for their sporting activity can take advantage of 1200 miles of coastline and 11,000 miles of streams, rivers and water ways.
Dealers that do not have in-house financing have to refer the client to another third party financing company.

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