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One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card to the Hurricane Gear Store and a full summer of bragging rights! Plant Three makes metal railing for all Godfrey Pontoons and railing sets for the Hurricane FunDeck series. Kurt Kenning with Energizing Indiana and Bruce Griffey, an Energy Efficiency Representative with AEP, along with David Kline, an AEP local customer service engineer presented NGG with a rebate check for $103,000 today at Nautic Global Group’s headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.
Gates, who brings marketing, customer service and product strategy experience to NGG, succeeds the company’s interim CEO James (Jim) R. Look for Polar Kraft boats this week at the Indianpolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show at the Indianapolis Fair Grounds with our friends from The Boat Place!
Built for diehard duck hunters and other hardcore outdoorsmen and anglers, the Polar Kraft Sportsman 1654 SE is a tough-as-nails boat that's perfect for protected water. Responding to a growing demand for aluminum center consoles, Polar Kraft has introduced the newest member of its Outlander series, the 186 CC. Adding to its top-selling Classic Series, Polar Kraft has introduced the 156 T for fishing families who prefer a tiller-operated motor in a boat that’s incredibly easy to handle and trailer. Owner Dave Hamlin attributes the success of his dealerships to hard work, customer service, and keeping a fully stocked boat inventory.
The Marine Industry CSI Awards program honors participating manufacturers that actively measure customer satisfaction and pursue continuous improvement to better serve the customer.
Okay, maybe it’s not SUCH a big burden, but lots of folks feel pressure to come up with the latest, greatest boat- or water-related turn of phrase to dazzle the rest of the marina with their cleverness.
Raft-ups are great way to enjoy spending time with friends, family and, occasionally, complete strangers.
Cruising under the moonlight can make you feel like you’ve got the place to yourself. With the exception of docking, the one part of trailer boating that strikes the most fear in the hearts of new boaters has got to the launch ramp. You’re out enjoying a great day on the water when all of the sudden you get approached by the local boating law enforcement. THERE IS A WARM PLACE in my heart for New York's Brooklyn Museum; for its Director, Dr Arnold L. We worked hard in Hong Kong to get ahead so we could assign ten days for our visit to Australia. Menzies (Head Curator of Asian Art) and view “Celestial Silks” in the renovated Asian Gallery.
Jackie Menzies invited us to the museum restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour and the old dockyard.
My dear friend Elizabeth Wong was the former Secretary for Health and Welfare in Hong Kong. Bard, who is well known as an archaeologist and a fine musician, also remembers our vibrant city.
Museum in the afternoon to set up our Arts of Asia stand as the Dealers Fair opened at 5 pm.
Sydney by bus, with a stopover at the historic township of Berrima in the Southern Highlands.
Building with tour leader Rachel Morris and international delegates from Russia, USA and Poland (19).
The exhibition was mounted by the Powerhouse Museum and funded by the State of New South Wales. Chinese furniture, Japanese ceramics and lacquers to textiles and rugs from Turkey and Iran.

And to celebrate the chance to get back out on the water, we launched the Polar Kraft Pets Ahoy Photo Contest during the month of April!
And that means you'll be out on the water again, doing everything you can to get the most out of every day.
Godfrey Pontoons Plant Manager Dan Finke announces that Plant Three has made it an entire year wihout having an accident. The NGG Human Resource Department will hold open interviews with applicants on Wednesday, March 5.
When they've run out of gas and are running late for a wedding, the first response for actors on the big screen seems to be to grab the radio microphone and start shouting MAYDAY! With abundant lockable storage for all your rods, aerated livewells in the forward deck and plenty of deck space for casting, the Kodiak series is equipped with everything you need to keep the fish biting. These rugged boats come in a variety of affordable packages, and they're always ready for action! The boat's designed to increase stability, sharpen maneuverability and increase on-plane performance.
Built rugged, from all-welded marine-grade aluminum alloy, it's right at home in rough water or bumping around the rocks and stumps. Comfortable and equipped in a variety of floorplans, the Nor'Easter features a huge casting deck, lockable rod storage, and a deep, safe cockpit.
Available in three different custom camouflage paint schemes, this modified V-Hull helps you navigate even the most-challenging back water to get you where the action is. With a full 92-inch beam allowing plenty of room to move around the helm, the 186 is a full-featured fishing and hunting machine.
Ample performance, plenty of storage and a ski tow bar make the Kodiak Sport the perfect boat for any family adventure. Built rugged, from all-welded marine-grade aluminum alloy, it's right at home in rough water or bumping around the rocks and stumps.
Of course, it can also be a dizzying and confusing experience if you’re not prepared. With the Classic Series receiving an all-new graphics and logo update for 2014, the 156 T is a sharp-looking fishing machine from the water.
The next Polar Kraft Photo Shoot will take place in two locations during the month of August. Here's What You Need To KnowJuly 16, 2013As much as we all enjoy a leisurely sunset cruise, part of the fun of boating is the opportunity to not only get out on the water, but also to get wet once in a while.
Not only do you get to enjoy the relatively cooler temperatures as the evening sets in, you essentially get double the show because of the reflections off the surface of the water. And while there are some things you need to consider before you take this step, you are missing out on half the fun if you only hit the water under blue skies. And, you can get dependable advice from our network of experts, all in one easy-to-use website. You’ve got to believe that storied history goes all the way back to the days of the earliest ocean-going vessels, when everything from bad weather to scurvy were connected to various perceived transgressions by crewmembers and (more likely) unknowing passengers. In this episode, we see the early stages of assembly as stringers and hulls come together with the help of a LOT of aircraft-grade rivets. In this episode, we see the riveted hulls and stringers move through foaming, primer and paint, deck assembly, electrical, final assembly and shipping.
But there is another category of customs and traditions that help us, as boaters, get along independently while respecting that right for others. It's a perfect river or small lake boat that's easy to launch and retrieve, even on the roughest gravel ramp.
The easy-to-trailer Polar Kraft Bass TX175 FF, with a modified V-hull and three pedestal seats, will let you get on the water right after work so you don't miss any action. The Polar Kraft Bass TX165 is designed for you to spend more time on the water, not more time working to pay for it.
With a choice of three different camo patterns, wide-open decks and tough-as-nails construction, the Outfitter 1654 is right at home fishing protected open water or winding your way back to your duck blind. Featuring an expansive forward deck, port and starboard lockable rod storage lockers, and elevated side casting platforms, the Outlander 186 SC has everything you need at an incredible price that won't break the bank.

The new Polar Kraft Nor'Easter 179 DC is a Dual-Console configuration with a livewell in the stern, padded Deep-V hull and aft casting platform. And the walk-through windshield can help you extend your boating day by keeping you more comfortable on cold mornings.
The Polar Kraft Frontier 179 WT has an oversized walk-through windshield to help you stretch your boating season, an easily accessible forward casting deck, and plenty of lockable rod storage. But while that may be fine for dramatic effect, it's the last thing you should do in real life.
And no other boat in its class comes close to matching Dakota's performance, styling and comfort. This 1760 model is a tough-as-nails boat that's perfect for the most-challenging back water to get you where the action is.
And when it comes time for fishing, anglers will appreciate the incredible number of built-in standard features and tough construction that make these boats the smartest aluminum fishing boat value on the water.
Personalize it with your choice of options and you'll be certain to bring home your limit — whatever's in season.
The good news is that with a little research and some easy planning, you can head through the front door of the boat show with confidence.
And even if you wind up getting your automobile serviced at the dealership, it tends to be a fairly anonymous event. If this is your first time to venture out on the water at night, let’s just say it will be tough to spend an Independence Day on terra firma ever again. And to celebrate the chance to get back out on the water, we just launched the Polar Kraft Summer Kickoff Photo Contest!
If that’s the case, consider using these tips to encourage their love of the water and make sure they want to be out on the boat as much as you do. Personalize it with your choice of options and you'll be certain to bring home your limit — whatever's in season. But, although they may have some things in common, it’s important that you take some time to understand the differences.
Coast Guard, they will know exactly what to look for to see if you pass a basic vessel safety check. Low maintenance and best-in-class standard features will add to your enjoyment of this single-console fishing boat that's designed to give you years of performance. With hardcore angler touches like lockable rod storage, huge 52-inch livewell and an optional full vinyl deck, this walk-through windshield model will help keep you comfortable when the weather gets extreme. Tips For Taking Your Polar Kraft On VacationAugust 7, 2013Since so many of you are planning to take your boat on vacation with you this summer, we thought it might help to go through a few ideas to help you make the most of your time on the water. This is your chance to be featured in the next Polar Kraft catalog and fishing publications around the world! Through July 7, just click here to upload your favorite pics taken onboard or near your Polar Kraft Aluminum Fishing Boat. In this episode, huge rolls of heavy-duty aluminum and cut and formed before heading to the assembly process.
Well, we've got a storied history that goes all the way back to the days of the earliest ocean-going vessels, when everything from bad weather to scurvy were connected to various perceived transgressions by crewmembers and (more likely) unknowing passengers.
And if you follow these steps, you can limit the damage done and the time it takes to free your vessel from its embarrassing perch. Here are some pointers to help guide you in building a great relationship with the folks in your surrounding marina slips and in the process set a good example for everyone else. Consider Pre-Show PurchaseDecember 5, 2013We all know that the Winter Boat Show season is a great time to get a deal on a new boat, right?
But it might surprise you to know that December might actually be the best time of the entire year to make a deal.

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