Southern Miss University ALL METAL hitch cover, officially licensed - A step above in quality and appearance over the cheaper plastic and pewter versions. Boasting a quality product range by combining Yamaha Australia’s leading outboard brand to quality Sea Jay boats plus the innovative, tough, plate hull designs in the Bar Crusher range. Stones Corner Marine are active Tagging down around the Logan River area and out in the bay contributing to our understanding of the Moreton Bay ecosystem.
Sign up to our free newsletter and receive our exclusive boat buyer's guide, and occasional boating tips, news, offers and special promotions! Treat every customer the way youa€™d like to be treated a€“ courteously and professionally. Having grown up boating in New Jerseya€™s weather shortened season, coming to Southern California seemed like landing in a€?Paradise.a€? How great is it to be able to go boating 12 months out of the year! Brendan has spent more than the last 20 years spreading his enthusiasm for boating to people at one of Southern Californiaa€™s largest new boat dealerships and continues now to provide an even greater level of Customer Satisfaction with his professional partners at CA Yacht Sales.
Earning trust and building relationships over the years in our small community of boaters remains Brendana€™s mission. Growing up sailing in the Northwest, Jay discovered early in life the thrill and enjoyment of being on the water. Jay is a licensed captain who has delivered many new and used sail and power boats up and down the southern California coastline. Helping many first time and seasoned boaters to find the right boat, guiding them through surveys and trial runs, and consistently assisting them long after the sale, Jay has earned repeat business many times over the past 8 years. With the phenomenal growth of Bass Fishing as a recreational sport both worldwide and here in South Africa, one needs to ensure that boating safety comes first and foremost, particularly when it comes to competition day when skippers both experienced and novice, might find themselves gunning along the same piece of water at high speed looking for that perfect casting spot. But whether you’re that Bass Boat skipper or a parent taking the family for a weekend spin, the standard requirements in terms of competence and safety as determined by the South African Maritime Authority (SAMSA) are just as equally applicable. You must have a Certificate of Competency (COC) or Skipper’s Licence issued by SAMSA covering your specific requirement as a Bass Fisherman, at least a Category ‘R’ for Restricted Tidal Waters for Lagoons, Estuaries, Harbours and all inland waters. Second up you’ll then need to ensure that you have all the relevant safety equipment on board for a Category R rating. Now you’re ready to go fishing, but remember everything that you have learnt from the books and experienced out on the water.

It’s the Skipper’s responsibility to ensure that all aboard are wearing their life jackets whenever the boat is moving, and that he or she has the ‘kill switch’ (emergency engine ‘cut-off’ switch) firmly attached to his or her body when underway. The securing of all loose items, from fishing gear to well-packed cooler boxes (it’s going to be a long day) is also critical, as the waters can become choppy and wake-riddled, especially if there are several boats trying to occupy one particular spot, and being struck by flying objects when travelling at high speed can have disastrous consequences. Above all when you are out there chasing the bass, it’s about common sense, so don’t overpower your boat, stick to the rules and always be responsible and considerate, get to know your boat’s capabilities as well as your own as a skipper.
For any advice on SAMSA requirements, Skipper courses, boat power ratings and more, consult your nearest Honda Marine dealer. Honda Marine and Falcon Inflatables, one of the pioneers of the South African inflatable boat building industry, teamed up 8 years ago to launch the ‘ribEXTREME’ range of quality RIBs into the SA market. Falcon also produced the first rigid inflatable boat to navigate the entire South African coastline at the hands of adventurer Mike Baker back in 1989. The collaboration resulted in a range of top quality, ISO certified high specification RIB packages powered by Honda Marine. The partnership shares a mutual passion for quality, efficiency, reliability and the ultimate in long term durability. Nothing shows the age of your car like unsightly cuts, scratches, and discolorations in your car's interior. Our clientele include some of the finest body shops and car dealerships in San Diego, including Amato's Auto Body, Phil Thearle's Auto Body, Ferrari of San Diego, Caliber Collision shops, and many more. Comprised of a shiny chrome-plated Southern Miss University emblem (made in the USA) adhered to a black powder coat all metal hitch cover mount. All images and text used on this website are property of Elektroplate and cannot be copied without written consent. A  Finding many parallels between airplanes and yachts, Jay enjoys teaching yacht owners about weather, docking, and learning how to use all of the equipment aboard their boats.
At all times you must carry the original COC or a certified copy on board your boat for inspection at all times. This must be checked on any new vessel before launching and then re-checked on an annual basis by an authorized SAMSA official who will then issue you with a Certificate of Fitness (COF).
He or she must also ensure that they have the maximum possible visibility at all times, especially when travelling at speed, so any pedestal seats should be lowered and at no time should anyone be sitting on these seats when the boat is moving.

Talk to your competitors, listen to their experiences and insights, and constantly strive to develop and improve upon your own skills every time you go out on the water. Amongst many achievements and International awards, over a period of 28 years, Falcon Inflatables have produced many Championship winning boats, including several overall wins in the coveted annual 1000km Trans Agulhas Challenge, the toughest event of its kind in the world. Product users range from recreational to Government, applications include watersport, fishing, rescue, patrol, police, surveying, conservation, medical (ambulance) and more, and products are in use in more than 30 countries globally. The collaboration achieved great retail success and while sales slowed somewhat due to the global economic downturn, the relationship continued to prosper. Falcon’s team of experts pay careful attention to every detail so you don’t have to – all in their quest to bring you the most hassle-free boating experience possible. I will use my experience as a boat owner and knowledge of the current market to be sure you get the best value in the boat you select.
A After living in Hawaii and competing in offshore sailboat races on the island of Oahu, Jay moved to San Diego in 2006. All the safety equipment must be permanently marked with the vessel’s name or registration number.
With a heavier, high horsepower outboard rigged up to your boat (be sure not to exceed the motor rating for your boat), the higher speeds and bigger wake can potentially swamp or capsize other boats in your vicinity and endanger lives, so be sure to be responsible and considerate whenever you do get underway.
Apart from large numbers of local sales, at a commercial level the partnership has to date resulted in the commissioning of more than 50 research, conservation, patrol and medical service vessels globally.
Due to chance meeting with a friend, I learned about the opportunities in the boating industry. You can count on my dedication to help you through the negotiation process, sea trial, survey, slip selection and legal paper work. A Since then he has shared his enthusiasm for the yachting lifestyle by helping to match each client with the type of yacht that will best suit their aspirations, experience, and budget.

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