Location: The Netherlands Make sure you have enough spare nozzles, seals, mixers and other overhaul parts in stock, so you can repair the pump overnight if the need arises.
Originally Posted by jiggerpro Hello Tunnels , those are the spray gun and system purchased I will feed you a lot of information in the next wee while so print it! The most important thing is to keep everything 110% clean , cover the gel coat drum with clear plastic all the time to keep dust , glass fibres and dirt out .
The catalyst bottle will have a very fine strainer just under the filler cap when you screw it off !!
Make sure always the acetone container never gets below 25% full and when you are filling it up dont drop any glass fibres in the container !!!
Why i say about is because every thing relates back to the air pressure setting of the pump !!! Tommorrow when i get to work i will take some close up pictures of what we have , we use all venus guns but will look a little differant but does the same job .
When you spray for a sample make sure what ever you spray onto is hard and not able to absorb the styrene out of your gelcoat as this changes the actual true gel time !!.
Every hour of every day there are changes taking place we normally never notice , its warm and thats ok or its about to rain !!
Alway record and check and write it all down ,very soon a picture will come to you and you will understand what is affecting the gel time each time you spray on differant days of the months through out the years . Here in china we have minus -15c or lower in the winter, to the extreme of plus +40c in the middle of summer !!, But we still used the same gel coat and the same catalyst all through the year .
The winter is bad for us because the gun wont spray the cold gel coat so we have a inline heater that brings the gel coat up to 32c degrees and will sprays fine !!
Plus we raise the catalyst to 2.25% spray in the late afternoon and leave over night next morning all is hard and ready , not cured hard but able to be glassed over !! The gun comes with 4 nozzles, and one rebuilding kit with neccessary spares, the model chosen, is supposed to be the top of the line Glascraft has to offer for gelcoat spraying and resin dispensing, and it has no needle and less parts to wear ( or so I have been told ). We will try to use it as much as possible and also for resin dispensing when laminating our mould.
And very very likely we will use it as well for spraying our tooling gelcoat and duratec surfacing products. Lets hope the Dura products are as good as claimed to be because the sanding of the plug is quite an enormous job .

Hi tunnels, I have printed your tips already and will review them before gelcoating, but we have a quite mild quite stable weather temp always very close to 20?C. Location: The Netherlands About what everyone seems to call catalyst (mek peroxide or acetyl aceton peroxide). Things that might wear as well are pump seals, perhaps have pump throat seal oil in stock as well, and same for the complete peroxide line.
I always use a pressure pot to spray duratech and i build my own every place i have been and worked at .
Here i have a big pot for gel coating up to 6 kgs of gel coat and just change the hoses onto a small pot about 750 mls for speckle coating and multi colours with a base colour over the top , I always use plastic containers inside to save acetone for cleaning with .
Originally Posted by Herman About what everyone seems to call catalyst (mek peroxide or acetyl aceton peroxide). Always have eyewash bottles on hand and every one know where they are and never work alone when spraying or useing spray equipment . I had a staff of 24 laminators and ran a emergancy shut down one day just to see what woud happen !! I found all the fittings in boxes in our store when i arrived here , as a safety feature theres a blow of valve i found in the bottom of a box !,thats set at 50 psi .I used snap connections for the air supply to the system , a pressure regulator and gauge for the pot pressures mostly only need 10 psi . The small pot is part of another system i found that had bits missing or broken so again made my own .
The panels i was playing with speckled coated was to show wet on wet spray and what makes colors leach out into each other . Its the speckled effect that was the point of this excise and wet on wet and the colors did not bleed into each other! I did the spray onto a clear sheet of waxed glass so everyone could see during the spray process what was actually happening in real time . So thats my pressure pots !,have over the years made and left at places ive worked maybe 20 over my time in glassing . They are simple ,cheap and very efficent , you dont need a giant compressor for the system . Location: The Netherlands Here is a fun picture of one of my colleagues, spraying barrier coat over tooling gel, at one of my customers. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Start with you pressures low and adjust one at a time learn quckly what happens when you adjust each one and understand which gause changes what part of the operation . Temprture could be the same each time just the humidity canges and so the gel time id not the same . A technician will come to our shop to install it and give us some instructions about the system. Dura tech with a paper cup of q cells added makes a good high build easy sanding coat and the final coat dont mix anything just the duratech and catalyst . Spills on material that can burn (fabric, wood, cardboard) can ignite even hours after the spil occurs. Has a regulator for the pot and a gauge ,is only a screw together top and pot so pressure is set for the blow off at 5 psi . After spraying gel coat get into the habit of flushing acetone immediatly for 3 to 5 seconds then you can leace the gun for a while and the gel coat should not go hard in the end of the gun . Most people never take any notice of what i have just discribed to you they just blame the product or the person that supplied the product never them selves for not understanding what they are doing and working with . We will very likely hire the services of a guy who has a lot of experience spraying gelcoat for our mould. If you ever get it into your eye, stop whatever you are doing, flush you eyes with loads of water, and arrange someone to bring you to a doctor. The truth is that every machine has its quirks, and needs regular attention and a dose of spares. I have a snap off air connection for the air line so it goes straight onto the big pot or the small pot , The air pressure to the gun has a regulater and gauge as well !!
This is all done with standard 3 differant colored gel coats catalysed as you go sprayed through the same gun all within minutes then left to harden !, then tissue and csm glass behind . Fint the manual and read the assembly instructions and know what goes where and what each part is called .

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