Location: Perth, Western Australia I use a Macbook Pro as my day to day machine, running Win XP via Bootcamp. Works very well on the laptop screen, although there are some performance issues using a large external monitor.
Location: Chicago area One thing that I don't think people know about is that Mac OSX is Unix underneath. I would start by looking at Mac OSX CAD searches, but after that maybe look into the above page.
It will take you some time to work through that list, and some of the apps are pretty crappy.
Originally Posted by Andrew Mason I use a Macbook Pro as my day to day machine, running Win XP via Bootcamp. Location: Chicago area Is Boot Camp a virtual machine environment, or a dual boot? If it's a virtual machine environment, there are actually good reasons to be running Windows from a VM on a Mac. One thing people don't seem to get though is that in environments where you are running more than one OS, you need to have a license for EACH INSTANCE of the OS on the computer. That said, if you can get what you need done without multiple operating systems, then you should do so.
Originally Posted by kroberts Is Boot Camp a virtual machine environment, or a dual boot?
Originally Posted by aaaaron I don't see how this is the best of both worlds -- you have the added cost of branded proprietary mac hardware and the full glitches of the windows operating system. Bootcamp is not a VM, it runs Windows natively, so its fast and reliable (well, as reliable as Windows XP can be). The integration between Fusion and the Mac OS is impressive - Fusion has a feature called Unity (Parallels has something similar named Coherence) which shows individual applications on the Mac desktop rather than being contained in a Windows window (see screenshot).
I agree with kroberts that Windows XP running as a VM may be more reliable due to the fact that the driver issues are simplified.
Location: Chicago area Knowing how that stuff works, your video performance will be a weakness of the underlying VM scheme. FREE!ship continues as DELFTship » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post For the Mac? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
This is one of the most beautiful Mac Theme for Windows XP.This theme is created by Kspudw. Mac Visual Style, Wallpapers, Sounds, Screensaver, Icons, Cursors and other appz like Rocket Dock Skin, Y’z shadow, tClock etc. In “My Paper Boat”, the player takes over control of an eponymous paper boat and steers it through various waters. Boring, real bad gamepad controls, way to much bloom, gameplay to slow.Like the idea, not more.
Among the things he loved was building plane and boat models and designing & building scale models for miniature trains. Typefaces in useThis website currently uses Garvis Pro by James Todd, and Clear Sans by Neil Summerour.
Aquadelic GT is a boat racing game in the style of a kart racer – easy to learn, but challenging to master.
As a member of the Aquadelic GT league you will fight to win cash prizes and the support of fans around the world, from the rivers of Russia and the ports of Greece to luxurious Caribbean islands. As your fame grows, you can land bigger and bigger sponsors – who will pay you even more money! Salt is a procedurally generated open world exploration game with RPG and survival elements.
I have recently installed VMware Fusion to allow me to run Windows applications within the Mac OS.
If you can buy a copy of Fusion and a copy of Win XP at reasonable cost this may give you the best of both worlds. These systems works quite well though you typically loose a bit in performance, especially in video performance, vs Boot Camp. It seems great if your primary application is mac based to give you that extra flexibility, but if your primary application is windows based, doesn't this actually give you the worst of both worlds (higher cost + same glitches of windows) ? VMware Fusion, or alternatively Parallels, are VMs, but the neat thing is that they can be set up to use the Bootcamp disk partition, so I can start up as a Mac, fire up the VM and be running Windows. Copy and paste works between Windows and Mac apps and files can be placed in shared folders for both OS to use.

However, I'm not yet sold on the VM approach for day to day work purely because of the issues with performance across multiple monitors.
Sometimes you just want to casually play a game, without thinking too much and without having to worry about things like complex control schemes.
With the games beautiful water and incredibly chill sound track, it inspires the similar relaxing feel as similar games like Euro Truck Sim.
During my relocation in Spain, I found many beautiful catalogues he had been collecting since the 1950s. Technology, the liberal arts, design, typography, user interfaces, translation and much more. Tecnologia, scienze umanistiche, design, tipografia, interfacce utente, traduzioni e molto altro. You'll have to beat rival racers to the finish, and it won't be easy as you're all armed to the teeth with shark torpedos, dragnets, balloon bombs and exploding frogs! You may be starting in a ramshackle old tub of a boat, but in no time at all you'll be able to buy a fancy speedboat, or a classy catamaran.
Until I upgrade my machine from 2 to 4 Gb of RAM I wont know whether this is a memory issue or something deeper, but from what I've seen so far the approach is very promising. It is a small game, ideal for the meantime – and thus, My Paper Boat it is a lot of fun. Following an optional tutorial, five varied levels are waiting for the player.
If you’re in the mood for such a game right now then My Paper Boat might just be the thing. Gameplay wise, there are 3 different game modes, two of which feel very similar, the third, aim mode, is quite unique and really fun. In 2001, when my parents moved to Tuscany, they brought my grandmother with them, and I went to live in my grandparents’ flat.
What’s amazing is their overall condition: many present no sign of discolouration or decay, and the paper is of a surprisingly good quality. Note that this game was originally released in 2008 (according to the official website) It made it's way through Greenlight and was released on Steam this week. Explore countless islands, fight pirates and bosses, loot rare armor and weapons, hunt and fish, and take on daring quests! The treasure cave, summer garden, forest, desert oasis and canyon are all wonderfully designed and grant an impression into what the Unreal Engine is capable of. Three different game modes ensure that there is no time for boredom while the player manoeuvres his or her little paper boat as unscathed as possible into the haven. Read on and let’s find out together.GameplayThe fact that the game is called My Paper Boat lets you know what kind of game you should expect here. Many of the things that belonged to grandpa remained where they were: the enormous bookshelves in the living-room (which became my studio), the vinyl records collection (more than 2,000), many of his paintings and paintboxes, photographs, postcards and other ephemera.
This update also provides some bug fixes, performance improvements, and new content. Journal You now have at your disposal an in-game journal, which works both as a quest journal and a place to make your own notes. As strange as it may seem, the Macbook is the best Windows laptop I have ever owned and worth every penny that it cost over the price of a Dell.
In “Collect”, numerous coins spread all over the waters wait for the player to find and collect them all.
As I mentioned it’s nothing deep or complex, but if you’re looking for a relaxing, fairly mindless, game then My Paper Boat is ideal, but in my opinion, only in small sessions.The game has 3 modes that can be played right from the start. It is also possible to control bigger vessels like yachts and cargo ships for relaxing leisure cruises. Between races, you can move around the world looking for sponsors, giving taxi rides, helping out people in need, or even going for joyrides in seaplanes.
You can also quicktravel between the various locations in the game, once you unlocked them. And in “Rallye”, one has to master the ways to the harbour along certain markings on time – passing obstacles that do their best to hamper the advancement… A high scoring at the end of each mission does not only unlock new levels, but also new accessories for the boat. Ocassionally you’ll be able to go one way or another but in the end you’ll always end up in the same place and it’s usually just for a few metres.Each level lasts about 10 minutes, give or take, and there are 5 different locations. You navigate to various point on the map to start races, taxi jobs, upgrade and reskin your boat or buy a new one, acquiring sponsors etc. Every player can customize the boat with extensions and colours to their individual wishes. Then he was bitten by a snake, decapitated by a manatee, eaten by a shark, drowned by a catfish, my mother divorced him, and then he lost his wallet.
Achievements create an additional incentive to perfect each single level. All levels are available in every game mode. The later levels have to be unlocked with your earned stars, but fortunately these levels can practically be unlocked after one try, maybe two at the most. Races can be a bit dull in the beginning but with the various ways to make money in this game, you can quickly upgrade your boat or buy a new one.

As well as normal entries, you can also make links to subsections within the journal, allowing you to keep things organized. The second section section, the “Quest” section, is not editable.
The upgrading ability is limited to just a button press for a better engine, to give an example.
Instead, quest entries will automatically appear here as you find new quests, and complete quest tasks. The third section, the “Map” section, can be edited as you please, but it also closely integrated with the map (see below).
That’s right, even though it’s a fairly casual affair your boat will still take damage when it drops from a high distance or if you hit a rock or other object with more speed than normal (or just hit it the wrong way). A nice feature is that your boat will start to crumple whenever it takes damage, like real life paper.Sometimes you’ll go to fast or get tossed around and you end up on the land. Whenever that happens you have 10 seconds to try to return to the water or else you’ll have to restart from the checkpoint.
Each level usually has 2 or 3 checkpoint so it’s not a big deal normally speaking, but there were a few times were I had to do a section a couple of times because I kept getting thrown on the land. Mark location of islands as well as add icons that indicate what you find on those islands. As you explore and map the world, find ways to unlock new features and handy shortcuts within the map interface.
With no option to reset your boat you then have to either start from a checkpoint or from the beginning, depending on how far you had already progressed.If you really can’t get enough of the game then you also have the ability to unlock parts for your boat. As mentioned above, the map is also integrated with the journal to make it easy to make notes in your own words about what you find on the islands that you explore. Button Changes Be prepared to be thrown off kilter. These are purely cosmetic and won’t give you any extra abilities or anything, but it’s a nice touch, especially if you really enjoy(ed) the game.
Conclusion This game is clearly beautifully crafted with a lot of love, the music and graphics are stunning, the ambient sounds are accurate for the areas, the controls are spot on for how a paper boat would control.
Sadly with only 3 game modes, two of which feel very similar and 5 maps, although each map is quite long, the game got boring rather quickly and left me feeling wanting for more to do. However, ingame it all works with the proper resolution and screen ratio that you can configure in the game's launcher.
Left click is now performs the main interaction on items, while right click opens up the item details window.
I personally enjoyed that, because the goal seems to be to provide the player a relaxing experience. You now press-and-hold the interact button (E by default). More Lore As well as adding some more lore books to the game, we have also flagged many of them as unique. The game has 'experimental' controller support but at this moment, you are better of with just the keyboard, wich actually works fine. This means that if you already own a particular lore book, it will no longer drop or be found in chests. This will both keep you from finding duplicates as well as making it more likely that you find a variety of lore books during your travels. Revert To Last Manual Save Option Some aspects of the game are saved when you manually save the game, but many things items, quest progress, and object on your boat are constantly saved.
You now have the ability to revert the entire game back to how it was when you last saved the game manually. Unfortunately, though, it also seems to use a lot of filters and other effects and they mess up the clarity and image quality. Once again, this can be seen by taking a look at the screenshot below.If only the image quality would’ve been sharper this game would’ve looked perfect. All in all, I'm very satisfied with this game, which costs the same as a cup of coffee and a snack.
It’s fun in small doses, but play it for a few hours and you’ll most likely will have seen everything by the time you’re done. The available modes didn’t invite me to replay any of the levels, since all of them start out the same, and have the exact same routes. It’s relaxing and fortunately has enough gameplay to keep you occupied for 2-3 hours, but after that you most likely won’t start it again anytime soon. Just click here.If you have any kind of feedback - positive or negative - please feel free to leave a comment (in case of negative feedback please try to keep it constructive). It would be greatly appreciated!Would you like me to review your game, or do you know someone else who would?
Please feel free to contact me: just leave a message on my profile and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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