We specialize in quality wooden boat plans for home and professional builders, such as the 13’6” x 4’11” Nez Perce 13 motor boat. The Nez Perce 13 has been a very successful little outboard skiff constructed by many amateur builders in the US, Canada and even as far as Australia.
Location: Ireland Hull Design Questions I happen to find myself in the middle of a powerboat design for the first time ever. Location: Thailand I do not use prismatic for planning craft hull shape design. Location: Thailand Yes this is right, but on planning power boats the forefoot is never so deep as on sailboats with destroyer bow. Location: Ireland You have gotten directly to the type of hull shape I have mind - why not have hollow waterlines forward?
Location: Oriental, NC Hollow forward waterlines offer an exponentially increasing buoyancy when running into waves. Location: Thailand We did sketches of torpedo boat style hull recently, very similar bow concept to what You show.
I would have thought that was more an issue with sectional (vertical) volume distribution rather than longitudinal. I am not sure I think this type of hull is any better, I am sure it is just a styling thing, looks a lot better for my .02c. Location: Ireland Alik - thats exactly the sort of thing I am playing with, I see you have put effort into making sure those forward waterlines havent gotten hollow. As you know a great deal of the design decisions you make for any boat are tied to styling, and the bow shape of a powerboat is no different. I don't think you can divorce bow from stern form in any boat, they play different roles but they still have to work together.

No, I don't worry about the CP of a planning hull, but it is very handy to set a target (usually .72) when you're at the preliminary sketch stage. IMO Getting the LCB in the right place for the speed is the most important factor in creating a sucessful hull, but always within the styling boundaries you have set. Thanks for pitching in, I really appreciated some of the info on your website when trying to get familiar with the tradeoffs at hand - in particular the form and function article, I guess nothing has changed in your target LCB's since then? I know if someone came from left field with an 'odd' racing sailboat design I would view it with some scepticism, so I am trying to work out the obvious flaws in my plan early, with all of your help! Location: Devon UK We build RIBs in three different hull forms here at Explorer Marine, in sizes from 5 to 10 metres. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Here is 10 modern boat house designs that defies traditional assumption on how a houseboat should look like. One of the most cutting edge boat house that was designed.  The 200 square meter boathouse uses an open concept inside the boat to let everyone staying inside the house have a clear view of the river. This modern boat house design, designed by Sutherland Hussey Architects, came out of the competition and was showcased in RIBA and the V&A in 2005.
Designed by prenger von der Lippe, this design takes the traditional wooden boat house and upgrades it with a modern twist. Location: London, UK Small steel boat Hi, I have a number of pieces of steel salvaged from a houseboat remodelling job I did. This boat is biger than 12 feet, but You can have problems with wight if You want exactly 12 feet. But there is something about boatbuilding in particular – watching the boat grow, take shape and finally sit completed on the shop floor – that is especially satisfying.

The Wally and VSR (Adrian Thompson?) type of piercing shape works (I guess) for them with very light loading. The key issues are the bow forefoot shape and the bow deadrise angle, for rough weather bow entry. On the outside, a curvy design was employed to create a sexy look that stands in contrast to the peaceful surroundings. The exterior design has been designed to take in maximum sunlight and exposure so that the people living inside can enjoy the warmth of sailing down the river. Leveraging on its water asset, the design turns the home into a water playground with a running waterfall and a circular stairway. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The planing conditions - speed, porpoising, chine walking, stability and power requirements are determined by the stern deadrise angle and the spray rail designs. Stationed at storm bay, the boat house exterior material reflects the lights off the river, creating a wonderful lighting effect.  Taking inspiration from industrial design, the Guertin Boat Port has a strong metallic structure that uses lots of concrete, stainless steel and glass.
Or whether with less reserve bouyancy higher up there is a problem with stuffing the nose in?

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