Gold Coast kayaking tours with snorkeling at Wave Break Island with Australian Kayaking Adventures. Gold Coast Barges has a solution for all your Canal Maintenance and Waterfront Constuction Projects.
You may not be aware of it, but if you are aged between 17 and 35 and are visiting the Gold Coast you will at some point be hiring a moped scooter from Surfers Paradise and riding it around like a maniac.
Feel the sun on your back, the wind in your hair, tooting your horn, running up gutters and annoying the hell out of the locals who will try and shoot you with high powered water pistols bought especially for that purpose.
Whilst not all people who hire scooters hoon around the Gold Coast it is still a great way to see the area with plenty of parking and a great way to keep enjoying the Queensland sunshine.
With its wide, white sand, lifeguard patrolled beach, fronted by children friendly sub-tropical parks Broadbeach provides safe, cost free, family fun.

The Kurrawa Surf Life Saving Club here is popular with both the locals and tourists as it's a great spot to sit in the sunshine with a cool beer and a plate of fish'n'chips.
Draculas Cabaret Restaurant is also in Broadbeach, one of the longest running attractions on the Gold Coast - enjoy a good show, dinner and entertainment throughout the night themed on all things spooky! See the latest stage spectacular to hit Jupiters Hotel & Casino in the multi-million dollar newly refurbished theatre!
See the latest show on offer plus you can visit one of the award winning restaurants, bars or have a go at the gaming tables for a full night of fun! Draculas is one of the Gold Coast's longest-running and most successful attractions, having been entertaining both locals and visitors alike for over 30 years with its unique nights of burlesque-style entertainment, horrific displays of comedy and dining the likes of which is unmatched in the region! For a ghoulishly good time with both friends and family, Dracula's is a humourous tribute to the B-grade horror genre that incorporates entertaining musical productions alongside side-splitting comedy to provide a memorable evening that has been much-acclaimed by guests for years!

Broadbeach has become the culinary mecca of the Gold Coast so take a stroll along the beautifully crafted, water feature enhanced, boardwalks and choose your alfresco restaurant, cafe, brasserie or cabaret restaurant with a wide range of cuisines including Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Singaporean and more. Broadbeach offers extensive shopping opportunities with a vast range of local and International goods available, in shopping centres (malls), boutiques lining the streets or local handmade wares at the beachfront markets. Enjoy the shopping delights of Pacific Fair, The Oasis Shopping Centre, The Phoenician, Niecon Plaza and Oracle Boulevard to find yourself immersed in fashion boutiques, souvenier stores and high end homewares.
Being only a couple of kilometres south of Surfers Paradise and just North of Burleigh Heads means you will not run out of shopping destinations — the list is almost endless.

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